The fashion accessory of the season.

With cases of coronavirus on the rise in dozens of countries, people everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on face masks, which have sold out pretty much everywhere.

It’s become such a problem in Japan that the government has now stepped in with harsh penalties for mask resellers, who have been hoarding stocks and selling them for huge profits online.

As The Great Mask Shortage of 2020 continues, people in Japan are now coming up with novel ways to cover their faces using homemade DIY hacks, and one of those people is Japanese model Yumeno Asahina, who has a pretty, lacy solution to the crisis.

▼ Asahina modelled her homemade face mask in a tweet that quickly went viral.

If you’re squinting your eyes and asking yourself “Is that…a bra?”, then you’re entirely correct — Asahina has refashioned one of her bras into a face mask.

Strangely enough, it doesn’t look that odd, if you look at it purely as a mask, rather than a bosom holder. And the good news is, it’s a hack that’s easy enough for anyone to follow, as Asahina has included some helpful step-by-step photos so that you, too, can cover your face with a brassiere.

All you have to do is cut through the middle of the two cups, cut off the back-strap and then stitch the unattached end of the lace shoulder strap to the cup. Then sew the other shoulder strap to the other side of the cup, as shown in the bottom photo above, and you’ve got yourself a lacy face mask!

▼ Bras work great as eye masks too.

Twitter users were quick to heap praise on the bra mask, with some even saying they made one themselves without realising.

▼ As it turns out, lace makes home-sewn masks look like bra cups even though they aren’t.

While we’re yet to see people actually walking around town in a bra mask, it’s not something we can entirely rule out as the mask shortage continues.

Perhaps they’ll become the next fashion accessory of the season? If you’re a bit hesitant to hack into your bras just yet, you can always try fashioning one out of kitchen paper for a cheap haute-couture look instead.

Source: Livedoor News via Jin 
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso 

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