Also asks that mask buyers refrain from suddenly developing a need for eyeglasses.

Common coronavirus symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Symptoms of coronavirus panic, however, now include sudden physical transformation into a different person.

This phenomenon was observed by the workers at a Japanese drug store recently visited by Twitter user @awo_3310, who shared a photo of a sign inside the shop alerting customers to the phenomenon.

The sign reads:

“A request for customers:

Mask purchases, regardless of the type or model, are limited to one pack per family (household) per day.

Please do not suddenly transform into a different person, put on eyeglasses, put on a hat, or take off your coat before getting back in the checkout line again and again.”

Rather than spontaneous metamorphoses, these “transformations” are self-induced, as shoppers try to get around the one-pack-per-family-per-day rule with some impromptu disguises, or at least changing their appearance just enough to take advantage of a cashier feeling too awkward to say, “Umm, I think you might have bought a pack of masks earlier, but did you?”

However, the store is onto such shenanigans, and the sign goes on to say:

“Those who do not follow the rules will not be allowed to make purchases. Those who become hysterical or cause a commotion will also not be allowed to make purchases.

Please remain calm while shopping.”

“The staff at this store is really having a tough time,” tweeted @awo_3310, and other commenters chimed in with:

“That’s some manga-level scheming.”
“They should make you show ID when you’re buying masks.”
“[Since it’s one pack per family] they should also add ‘Please don’t suddenly get divorced.’”
“At the store I work at, someone came in, filled up his shopping basket with mask packs, then pulled out his phone and called his friends to come buy one each.”

Granted, the antics happening at the store @awo_3310 visited aren’t as bad as when a street fight broke out over masks elsewhere in Japan, but they’re still sad to see as people across Japan are looking for ways to stay safe and healthy, so hopefully the incognito multi-purchases at the shop will stop now that would-be rule-breakers know the staff is onto them.

Source: Twitter/@awo_3310 via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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