Pikachu and other classic starter Pokémon face packs, of course, give fans special reasons to use ‘em all.

Every year when the Pikachu Outbreak  happens in Yokohama I hear at least a few people saying they wish they could buy the adorable fluffy costumes worn by performers at the event. However, it’s unlikely that the Pokémon Company will ever sell them to the general public, so as to avoid people using them in ways that could potentially embarrass the brand and/or terrify fans.

But while a full-body transformation might not be an option, you can give yourself the face of the most famous Pocket Monster right now.

Manufacturer Monosense has just released a line of Pokémon Face Packs. Designed to revitalize your skin, each of the four is modeled after one of the classic starter Pokémon. That means that in addition to Pikachu there’s also Bulbasaur


…and, last, but certainly not least, Charmander.

Just as the different Pokémon species have their own unique stats and powers, each mask has a different scent: “yellow jasmine” for Pikachu, “green herb” for Bulbasaur, “blue floral” for Squirtle, and “red blossom” for Charmander. This means that you’ll have to buy four different packs to experience all the line has to offer, but it’s not like Pokémon fans have an aversion to capturing multiple Pocket Monsters, and since the packs are priced at just 430 yen (US$3.90) each 100-percent completion won’t be a huge hit to your wallet,

The Pokémon Face Packs are on sale now at beauty supply and novelty goods shops in Japan. Just be advised that, as with all face packs, they might not look as cute as they do in the package once you’re actually wearing them.

Source: Monosense via IT Media
Top image: Monosense