The usually sweet Japanese snack is getting a delightful savory edition.

Taiyaki is a more modern Japanese treat, but has become a staple at festivals and in shopping centers ever since its invention in the early 20th century. The little fish-shaped cakes are stuffed with all manner of fillings, from the standard red bean paste to chocolate mint, matcha, and even ice cream. They’re a popular snack for many Japanese commuters, shoppers, and festival-goers.

Though taiyaki are usually made with sweet ingredients, there are sometimes savory varieties offered as well, often on a limitedtime basis. One of those is back by popular demand this month: the Corned Beef Taiyaki with Melted Cheese.

This tasty combination was first released by Sega Taiyaki shops in March last year and was so popular that it sold out multiple days in a row. This year, on March 27, two Sega Taiyaki shops in Tokyo, one in Ikebukuro and one in Akihabara, will be re-releasing the popular snack, in the usual fish form as well as in the form of the Sega logo.

The Corned Beef Taiyaki, which is made with Nozaki Corned Beef, is very well-stuffed, and therefore more filling than a regular taiyaki, so it’s great not only as a snack but also as a side dish for a meal. The delicious combination of salty pickled beef with creamy melted cheese will have you going back for more if you aren’t careful!

It will be available for a limited time only, until April 6, which also happens to be “Corned Beef Day”. And, as a special prize, the first 15 people to order one each day it’s available will get a special pen with the Nozaki’s Corned Beef logo on it. So make sure you get to the Sega Game Centers in Ikebukuro or Akihabara early so you don’t miss out! Pro-tip: you might try taking it home and putting butter on it. Then you really won’t be able to resist it!

Source, images: PR Times
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