This bonus comes with a special set of conditions: you must prove you used up the entire amount by April 30, or it’s null and void.

Scary times abound with the global spread of the coronavirus, and while health is the first worry on everyone’s mind, there’s still room to worry about other things as well — such as the economy. Businesses have been forced to take long breaks and with many populations under quarantine, less money is getting earned, saved and spent.

So understandably, this post from a hospital worker made a dramatic impact when it hit Twitter on March 12:

“I work at a private hospital, but apparently all staff are getting a temporary bonus of 100,000 yen (US$923.33). Wild, huh? LOL”

“Why?!” was the immediate reply from multiple accounts, to which @tomoki901 had a bevy of sardonic answers like “because our chairman rocks”. Ultimately, he conceded that while the chairman had explained the bonus was a move to stimulate the economy, he wasn’t sure of the specific reasons why either.

Four days later, @tomoki901 returned with evidence of his windfall, and a more in-depth explanation.

“They handed out 100,000 yen in cash.
The chairman’s reasoning was this:
The current global economy is plummeting, and it’s likely the coronavirus is going to bring us into another economic recession. So this is to keep the economy moving.
This bonus is special, though: we have to use up the full amount of 100,000 yen, and submit official receipts for what we purchased to the hospital. Otherwise the bonus is rendered void. Making moves well before the rest of the country…so cool! LOL”

He elaborated that since the hospital was a privately-operated institution, the total amount of money it took to fund this gesture for all staff and affiliated was something in the ballpark of 40,000,000 yen (US$368,768.96). He insinuated that if one private hospital could take this initiative, it might be something to consider for other enterprises.

While many responses amounted to jealous cooing or hysterical hypothesizing about what @tomoki901 would spend his windfall on, several comments lauded him for his work during the crisis. As a hospital employee, privately-run or not, he remains in a precarious position during the virus’ spread and numerous commenters thought it only fair that he and his coworkers be rewarded. Others praised his boss for his foresight and dedication to looking after the laborers at his hospital.

“It’s not every day you see a hospital with actual hospitality on this level. I want to get treated there.”
“Money circulates around the whole world once you put it out there. I’m glad your chairman understands that.”
“This guy’s looking further ahead than Abe is.”
“The Bank of Japan ought to do something similar…”

However, since everyone in possession of the bonus has to submit receipts of their purchases, there’s a chance some will have to exercise restraint in where they spend their money. Frittering away thousands of yen on strawberries, tissues and seaweed might make it hard to look your coworkers in the eye, and let’s not even start on anime figures.

Source: Twitter/@tomoki901 via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Pakutaso

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