That rodent you’re thinking of doesn’t hold a candle to this man’s raw strength.

It was the year 1960. The Flintstones debuted on network TV at the same time as the first televised presidential debate between JFK and a sweaty Richard Nixon, and an embattled slot machine manufacturer named Service Games of Japan was bought out to become the company known today as Sega.

Now, sixty years later, that company has gone on to become one of the biggest names in video games, spawning hits such as Golden Axe, Golden Axe II, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, and of course Golden Axe III. In honor of their diamond jubilee, Sega has hinted a return of it’s most famous mascot.

No, not Sonic. How dare you!

As seen above, during the release of the Sega Saturn, the company unleashed the power of its mightiest character Sanshiro Segata. They say he trained in the mountains for years with an 80-kilogram (176-pound) Saturn console and controller to become the strongest man alive.

Regardless of what game was being promoted, Segata – whose name and general demeanor is based on the hero of the Kurosawa movie Sanshiro Sugatawould suddenly appear in front of a group of regular people and then crush them. Then he would shout his name, Segata Sanshiro, followed by the very-similar-sounding “Sega Satan Shiro!” (“Play Sega Saturn!”).

▼ Here are all of his commercials back to back

Those outside of Japan might not have heard of Sanshiro Segata, but probably know the actor who played him Hiroshi Fujioka. In addition to being the first-ever Kamen Rider, Fujioka also played Ryo’s father Iwao Hazuki in the classic game Shenmue.

On 19 March, Sega mysteriously tweeted a picture of a judogi (“judo uniform”) and some papers which read “confidential document.”

A website was also set up with a countdown of days to the birth of their “60th Anniversary Ambassador” and the silhouette of a person dressed like Segata.

▼ The countdown is set to expire on 25 March, 2020

However, this person isn’t quite as bulky as the original, leading some to speculate him to be Hiroshi Fujioka’s son and fellow actor Maito Fujioka.

Even if it’s not him, clearly a younger person is going to take over Sanshiro Segata’s duties, which traditionally include shoulder-throwing men, women, and children to the ground. And given this iteration’s svelte appearance, safe money is on the possible upcoming announcement of a Saturn Mini to add to the growing number of popular mini retro console reboots.

Source: Sega 60th Anniversary, Den Fami Nico Gamer
Top image: YouTube/GEO RGIA
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