Nobita-kun magazine celebrates the legacy of Doraemon with eight quality bonus prizes

This special, lovingly crafted issue was released in celebration of Doraemon’s 50th anniversary. Even its price is symbolic.

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Japanese hospital worker tweets about receiving temporary 100,000 yen bonus for economic reasons

This bonus comes with a special set of conditions: you must prove you used up the entire amount by April 30, or it’s null and void.

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This Chinese company’s year-end party game will turn you green with envy!

It’s customary for companies in Asia to hold year-end parties (bounenkai in Japan, weiya in Chinese-speaking countries), and these often reflect the state of the companies. In a good year, employees will be treated to lavish affairs complete with lotteries, extravagant performances and attractive prizes. However, one Chinese company stole the limelight this year with their ‘cash grabbing game’ that guarantees everyone a winner!

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Greece national football team players turn down individual bonuses for something else

The World Cup is not just a battle between nations to determine who is the strongest in the world. It is also a momentous celebration of international exchange and an opportunity for citizens of the world to display their national pride. Heart-wrenching and heartwarming stories alike are born from the event, which remain in people’s minds long after the final score has been forgotten. Some of the most memorable stories from the tournament don’t even take place on the pitch during gameplay; rather, they materialize in other acts of chivalry off the field.

Although Greece was defeated by Costa Rica on Sunday, Greek citizens couldn’t have been prouder to see their national team advance to the Round of 16 for the first time ever. The Greek athletes also seemed content just having served as representatives for their home country, as they incredibly refused individual monetary bonuses and instead asked for a joint venture that should further unite them in spirit with their fellow countrymen.

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Bonus time! Japanese workers surveyed on their summer bonuses

In Japan, summer and winter mean bonus time, which is kind of like getting Christmas twice a year. Japanese workers often use the extra money to take a well-deserved vacation or to buy something big they’ve had their eyes on for a while.

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Study English, Get $11,000! Softbank to Offer Employees Cash Bonuses Based on English Ability

“Why do I have to study English? I’m never going to use it… there’s no point,” whines at least one Japanese student in any given English class on a daily basis.

Now, thanks to one company’s clever new initiative, instead of the usual spiel about the benefits of English being an “international language,” teachers can tell their students that knuckling down and mastering the language could bag them 1 million yen.

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