His Photoshop power level! It’s over 9,000!

The beginning of April marks the start of spring, and of course, an onslaught of jokes, pranks, and jabs in honor of April Fools’ Day. However, for one member of the Embassy of Georgia in Japan, April Fools’ was a day to showcase a humorous love for Dragon Ball Z. But instead of getting laughs, the prank turned into a praise fest by Japanese netizens over their Photoshop skills.

▼ No Saiyans were harmed in the making of this photo.

“Today, near the Embassy of Georgia, an unknown object has been spotted beneath the sakura. We believe this pod has arrived from Planet Vegeta. According to a specialist, its passengers are here for flower viewing, but we are currently confirming this.”

While we sincerely hope our out-of-this-world guests are not recklessly flower-viewing and disregarding social distancing recommendations, Teimuraz Lezhava, who is the Chargé d’Affaires for the Embassy of Georgia in Japan, lit up Twitter with his creative post. But what attracted Japanese netizens wasn’t the reference to Dragon Ball Z necessarily, nor the light-hearted nature of the tweet. The majority of Japanese Twitter users were astounded with the Photoshop job, and here are some choice replies:

“Dude, if you ever quit working at the embassy, you can feed yourself with those image processing skillz.”
“Wow, look at the mess y’all made. You should have landed in a desert or a meadow. Make sure to follow landing etiquette please!”
“I hope the Saiyans have arrived to rid us of COVID-19.”
“Is that really a one-man-use pod?”
“It’s dangerous; flee! We can’t measure their power level!” 

▼ Would this be a complete article if there wasn’t a direct reference to Dragon Ball Z?

▼ We’re not sure if this is oddly similar or not quite the same at all.

While we’d definitely love to see Teimuraz’s skills in a Photoshop battle one day, we have to say that the Embassy of Georgia to Japan is lucky to have such a talented staff member on their team. Regardless if you spend your April Fools’ messing around on Photoshop or pulling a fast one on your closest friends, check out this band-aid life hack to patch up any unexpected and unintentional collateral damage. Happy spring and remember to always practice safe pranking!

Source: Twitter/@TeimurazLezhava via Hachima Kiko
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