april fools

Japan’s Shachi Bus offers tour with no destination or leaving the bus, but something’s fishy…

This first-of-its-kind tour is designed for bus lovers by bus lovers, or really just anyone who loves riding on buses.

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Embassy employee pulls April Fools’ Day prank, gets admired for Photoshop skills instead

His Photoshop power level! It’s over 9,000!

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Top April Fools’ Day prank news stories from Japan

Edible watches, Nintendo characters and a handy Lego app all make an appearance on this year’s roundup of fantastic news we wish was true today.

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Anime Love Live! makes good on April Fools’ promise by actually creating giant panty-clad figure

Does that make the giant inflatable schoolgirl idol an April Geniuses’ gag?
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Ring, Ring, Your Giant Nuclear Monster is Calling

April Fools Jokes coming out of Japan have a track record of becoming reality.

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Man posts tweet threatening to release sarin gas in Akihabara as an “April Fools’ Day joke”

Here at RocketNews24 we love a good April Fools’ Day yarn. But in Japan, April Fools’ Day still isn’t that popular, and there’s a clear difference between catching people out with a clever joke and deliberately trying to deceive and emotionally harm people.

One man who apparently doesn’t know the difference between a joke and lying maliciously managed to flood Akihabara with police after posting a particularly unfunny April Fools’ Day tweet threatening a sarin gas attack in the area.

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Champion competitive eater Kobayashi goes undercover to punk soccer team in wing eating contest

Our loyal readers are probably more aware of who Takeru Kobayashi – the infamously voracious Japanese competitive eater – is than the New York Cosmos professional soccer team, but it looks like the Cosmos players weren’t so familiar with the diminutive athlete… Until now.

As part of an elaborate April Fool’s joke, New York Cosmos managers put together a stunt that saw Kobayashi posing as an employee at the frankly quite delicious Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wing chain as the Cosmos team filtered into the restaurant for a meal.

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Build your own smartphone in just 10 years with innovative new kit from au!

You read that right: in just 10 years you can have your very own hand-made smartphone with the brand new weekly make-your-own-smartphone kit from Japanese mobile provider au! For anyone who’s a fan of weekly collect ’em magazines (who isn’t?), tech, or wasting their money, then this is for you.

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Capcom Japan’s April Fool is awesome, nyansensical

Ah, it’s been a great day for April Fools’ pranks this year, what with Google treating us to a worldwide pokémon outbreak and car maker BMW unveiling its “ZZZ” series sleep machine (any others I missed?). And now, Capcom – the Japanese company behind video game greats such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man – has announced that it is launching special dubbed versions of its top titles.

That’s right, folks, all of your favourite Capcom games are now available in neko-gocat language“, allowing Japan’s nyan population to join in the gaming fun.

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