Limited-time French fry burger returns after four years, with even more flavour than before.

Less than a week ago, Burger King announced that The Fake Burger would be returning to the chain after a four year absence, and to drum up excitement, they shared a pixelated image ahead of the 1 April release.

With the release date falling on April Fools’ Day, a lot of people weren’t sure what to think. On one hand, it could very well be a joke, given that fast food chains are known for their April Fool’s Day pranks, but on the other hand, it could really be returning, given that The Fake Burger really did exist, having been promoted in a similar way ahead of its October 2020 release.

▼ Promo image for 2020’s The Fake Burger

▼ We didn’t have to wait long to discover that The Fake Burger was actually a burger stuffed with French fries.

Now, Burger King has revealed that the return of The Fake Burger is not an April Fools’ Day joke — it really is returning, and what’s more, it’s undergone “an evolution”, with even more flavour than before.

Priced at 390 yen (US$2.57), The Fake Burger now contains two slices of mellow Gouda cheese — one on either side of the chip layer — along with Bullseye BBQ sauce, which has a distinctive smoky taste.

We love French fries as much as we love burgers, so we’ll be getting in quick to try the limited-time burger while it’s available. The  Fake Burger will be sold at Burger King branches around Japan (excluding the racecourse branches and the Tsugaike Yuki no Hiroba store) while stocks last.

Source: PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
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