Behind the gorgeous Instagram photos, there’s a slob slurping noodles in her loungewear.

In today’s age of social media, requests from government officials to stay at home amidst a global pandemic are just another opportunity to share photos of yourself living your best life, only this time indoors.

As we all know, though, photos on social media don’t always reflect the true reality of the situation, and here to prove that to us all is Thai fashion model and Twitter user @ViennaDoLL.

With over 669,000 followers on Twitter, 166,000 followers on Instagram, and 108,000 subscribers on YouTube, Vienna is no stranger to the world of social media. And while the Thai beauty posts plenty of gorgeous photos of herself on her accounts, she’s not scared to poke fun at herself either, with a number of humorous shots showing what goes on behind-the-scenes of some of her photos.

▼ “Instagrammable ideals VS reality.”

Vienna, who uses Japanese to communicate with her followers, usually receives thousands of likes for whatever she posts, but one recent tweet racked up a whopping 324,000 likes, quickly going viral for its relatability.

▼ “Social distancing ideal vs. reality.”

As you can see, in the world of Instagram, social distancing looks beautiful, with Vienna posing in her baby pink pyjamas, coiffed hair glistening in the sunlight as she looks off into the distance, clasping a glass of bubbly as a smile flickers across her perfectly made-up face.

In the real world, however, women like Vienna are more likely to be slouching around in comfy, old, oversized loungewear, hair tied back in a careless fashion, slurping noodles noisily mid-game in a messy room.

It’s a scene a lot of us can relate to right now, and people in Japan were happy to see Vienna smashing unrealistic Instagram ideals while dressed in her comfies.

“This is exactly the laugh I needed right now in amongst all the doom and gloom at the moment!”
“Lol is it bad that I actually prefer the girl on the right?”
“If I had that Forky top right now I’d be wearing it too!”
“I can’t believe this is the same person!”
“I like you even more now! Just goes to show that humour and personality are more important than looks.”

Not taking herself too seriously is exactly what makes Vienna so popular with her fans. And like the cosplaying gamer girl who revealed the everyday reality behind her usually gorgeous appearance, having a sense of humour can go a long way in dealing with the unrealistic beauty ideals that come with social media.

Now excuse us while we go roll our faces with a facial massage roller for the next two weeks

Source: Twitter@ViennaDoLL
Top image: Pakutaso
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