Take your taste buds under the sea with a very special limited-time beverage. 

Starbucks is famous around the world for its limited-edition Frappuccinos, and here in Japan we’ve been spoilt with some extremely special beverages, covering everything from Santa boots through to sakura and even sweet potato fries.

However, it looks like Japan’s Frappuccino game has just been beaten by Taiwan, where customers are currently raving about their latest limited-time Starbucks beverage. Dubbed the “Mermaid Frappuccino“, this beautiful new beverage brings the Starbucks mermaid logo to life by giving her a surface-breaking tail and a gorgeous pink ocean makeover.

Officially called the Fantasy Tail Frappuccino, this new drink ticks all the boxes when it comes to looks, taste, and creativity. The blended beverage contains an enticing mix of mango and dragonfruit, which gives it a gorgeous pink hue and a delicious summery flavour, while blueberry powder adds a nice contrast of colour, conjuring up images of seaweed swaying in a fantasy seaworld.

Right next to the whipped cream topping, which resembles a sea wave, is a mermaid tail-shaped chocolate piece, its fin popping out from the drink as if a mermaid just dove beneath the wave.

The Fantasy Tail Frappuccino, which was released on May 20, is currently making waves on Instagram, where people have been sharing photos of the drink and gushing over it, not just for its impressive looks, but also for its mysterious flavour.

“Mango and dragonfruit is such a unique combination for a Frappuccino.”
“Love the cream and tropical fruit blend.”
“It tastes like a fruity vanilla Frappuccino!”
“It looks so cute and crazy that the taste was just the icing on the cake.”
“The perfect drink for summer.”

No matter what it tastes like, this is definitely a Frappuccino our taste buds are desperate to meet. In fact, it’s something we’d readily trade all our Apple Jelly and butterscotch drinks for.

Still, with Starbucks just re-opening its stores here in Japan after the state of emergency due to coronavirus was recently lifted, it shouldn’t be too long until they reveal their lineup of new drinks for summer. After last year’s Lemon Yoghurt Fermentation Frappuccino, we’re looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us as the weather heats up this year!

Featured image: Instagram/Starbuckstw 
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