Be warned – it might not be what you’re expecting.

Although females who play video games are becoming more and more commonplace, there is still an air of mystery around the ‘girl gamer‘, especially if you’re a talented one. Even as more and more women are picking up controllers these days, to some hey remain a bit of an anomaly. Speaking from experience as a ‘girl gamer’ myself, I often find other players tend to get a bit strange when they find out my gender. “Are you really a girl?? How old are you? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have Instagram? Can I follow you? Can you switch to healer?” (that last one hurts.)

Thankfully, one Twitter user has decided to debunk the ‘gamer girl’ enigma. Twitter user @xxx10yuu goes by the nickname Yutachi and posts pictures of herself in cosplay, like below.

However, Yutachi’s latest cosplay isn’t of an anime character, but of the mysterious girl gamer.

▼ “Gamer girl ideal vs. reality.”

Yutachi’s stereotypical ‘ideal’ girl gamer photo is a vision with perfect make-up, nicely styled hair and filtered to high heaven. The ‘reality’ picture really leaves nothing on the table in terms of attention to detail – the not one but three different beverages, the messy hair, the comfy clothes, the make-up free face and, my personal favourite, the random bobby pin on the table for no reason at all. It’s like I’m looking in a mirror.

Twitter commenters fell in love with Yutachi’s photor comparison:

“I actually prefer the girl on the right!”
“I think it’d be more fun playing with the girl on the right!”
“This is 100-percent me!”
“For a second, I thought this was a picture of me!”
“First picture: playing with friends. Second picture: playing alone.”
“The girl in the second picture looks like she’s pretty strong.”

But it seems not everyone agreed with Yutachi’s interpretation, as she made this follow-up tweet defending herself.

“To those who say ‘she’s not a REAL gamer’… whatever. There are all kinds of gamers. This was just a cosplay. I just play Pokémon and Animal Crossing, so I’m a pretty peaceful gamer!”

Even though Yutachi considers herself a bit of a pacifist when it comes to games, in her Twitter bio she describes herself as “a NEET who just plays video games all day”, so we’re not going to doubt her girl gamer credentials.

So there you are, gang. Who knew that girl gamers were actually just… normal people? Make up isn’t cheap, and we aren’t wasting it just to kick your butt through a screen. Next time you’re playing online and you hear a female voice in the chat, think back to Yutachi hunched over with her can of Monster energy drink. And please, whatever you do, don’t ask her to switch to healer.

Source: Twitter@xxx10yuu via Jin
Top Image: Pakutaso
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