Megane, hitostuma, and muchi muchi all make the list.

There’s a tendency to pigeonhole all adult manga/anime content as being “schoolgirls with big boobs,” but in reality it’s a deep, moist sector with more variety than that. As proof, Japanese digital adult manga publisher Komiflo recently released the results of a study of its 2019 data, with a pair of infographic maps showing the most popular sub-genres accessed by users from each of Japan’s 47 prefectures.

So without further ado, let’s make like the male lead in a racy manga and dive right in.

● Genres ranked most popular in one prefecture
Couple: Shiga Prefecture
Fukusu (multiple partners): Ehime
Gyrau: Oita
Megane (glasses): Yamaguchi
OL (office lady): Nara
Romance: Tochigi
Shota (young boy): Toyama
Succubus: Fukui
Virgin female: Iwate

There’s something almost wholesome about users in Shiga and Tochigi getting their excitement from tales not of random lust or coerced closeness, but of couples that want to express their love for one another through humping one another. Ehime, on the other hand, seems to be of the mind of “the more the merrier.”

It’s a little surprising to see Oita, one of Japan’s most rural prefectures, having a soft spot/hard part for gyaru, since the boldly flashy gyaru-style fashion aesthetic is most strongly associated with young urban women in Japan, but perhaps that just lends it an extra exotic appeal. As for Fukui wanting to see some sexy succubi, on the surface that might seem to be an effect of the popularity of the controversial anime Interspecies Reviewers, except that the show didn’t debut until 2020, and Komiflo’s data survey is focused on 2019 (though Interspecies Reviewers’ manga and novelization were already out before the anime adaptation’s premiere.

● Genres ranked most popular in two prefectures
Dark brown: Kochi, Yamagata
Female molester: Kagawa, Wakayama
Knee-high socks: Ibaraki, Nagano
Kyonyu (giant breasts): Kyoto, Okayama
Muchi muchi (chubby): Mie, Yamanashi
(cuckolding): Chiba, Shimane
Tights: Hyogo, Miyagi

Mie and Yamanashi do their part to champion heavier-than-average body types, while once again there seems to be a bit of “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”/”the girl is hotter on the other side of the prefectural border” as Yamagata, in Japan’s chilly northeastern Tohoku region, enjoys exposed flesh with a deep tan. Also, for clarification, it’s not that Kagawa and Wakayama want to read manga about women being molested, but about women forcing themselves or other people into sexual situations.

● Genres ranked most popular in three prefectures
Hitotsuma (married woman): Hokkaido, Kumamoto, Osaka
Inran (lecherous, horny, loose): Fukuoka, Okinawa, Saga

Specifically, hitotsuma is referring to “someone else’s wife,” implying that it’s extramarital affairs that Hokkaido, Kumamoto, and Osaka were interested in.

Genres ranked most popular in four prefectures
JK (joshi kosei/high school girl): Aichi, Kanagawa, Tokushima, Tokyo
Reverse (woman-on-man) rape: Ishikawa, Nagasaki, Saitama, Tottori

Given what a huge proportion of anime characters are teens, it might seem strange that JK was the top genre in only four prefectures. However, with Tokyo being the most populous prefecture in Japan, and Kanagawa and Aichi second and fourth, respectively, it’s not hard to see where the “Otaku like drawings of sexy schoolgirls” stereotype comes from, and JK was actually the most popular genre for Komiflo’s total Japanese user base,

● Genres ranked most popular in five prefectures
Bicchi: Akita, Aomori, Gifu, Kagoshima, Shizuoka
Hinnyu (small breasts): Fukushima, Gunma, Hiroshima, Miyazaki, Niigata

Although it’s a corrupted pronunciation of the English word “bitch,” bicchi actually doesn’t refer to a woman with a selfish streak, short temper, or any other sort of disagreeable personality. Instead, it’s used to describe a woman with a voracious sexual appetite but not particularly high standards or concerns for fidelity, essentially like the English word “slut.” Meanwhile, as we explained here, hinnyu literally means “impoverished breasts,” and is used to describe a petite bust.

Of course, with the anime/manga aesthetic now popular around the world, not all of Komiflo’s users are based in Japan, and it’s survey also looked at the most popular genres among overseas users, with Taiwan’s favorite being “married woman,” Hong Kong’s “female molester,” and Singapore’s “male virgin.”

Source: Twitter/@komiflo via Otakomu
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