Once you pop, you can’t stop…pouring hot drinks.

The classic canned potato snacks Pringles have undergone a number of transformations in Japan, from exclusive flavors like karaage to instant noodles, Hello Kitty dolls, and even a gigantic 161-centimeter can.

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And now, a perhaps more obvious take on Pringles’ easily recognizable packaging has been accomplished with the Pringles vacuum flask!

These bottles come in three flavors; Salted, Sour Cream & Onion, and CHEEEEEEESE which is a four-cheese blend.

However, there are no actual chips in these containers, and users are advised not to put chips inside among all the lighthearted warnings printed on the back to help simulate the look of a real can.

“Eating Pringles while drinking from the Pringles bottle may result in an inability to stop.”

As a vacuum flask, these Pringles bottles boast an ability to maintain both hot and cold temperatures for about six hours. And with a slim design that will leave plenty of room in your bag for an actual can of Pringles.

It also doesn’t attract condensation and maintains the ambient temperature on the outer surface, so it’s easy to hold. Its no-slip rubber bottom also makes it great for indoor use such as a cup of coffee at the office, or outdoor use like a refreshing drink of cold water while hiking.

Each can is adorned with the familiar Pringles mustachioed mascot who sometimes goes by the name of “Mr. P” in Japan, and…

Hang on a minute…

▼ Who pours water like that?!

Anyway, these bottles hold 250 milliliters (8.5 ounces) and sell for 2,198 yen (US$19) at Lawson convenience stores, HMV, or HMV & Books Online. In addition, a 300-milliliter (10-ounce) Sour Cream & Onion bottle will be sold from 18 February exclusively from the online retailer Takarajima Channel for 2,420 yen ($21).

It’s an item sure to please not only Pringles fans, but anyone who appreciates being able to carry beverages from one place to another at a certain temperature. Lukewarm enthusiasts need not apply.

Source: Takarajima Channel, PR Times
Images: PR Times (unless otherwise noted)
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