You’d be barking mad not to want to see this talented pup.

Japan just came out of Golden Week, a string of consecutive holidays at the beginning of May. Usually, Golden Week means one thing: travel travel travel! In fact, some people go so hard that there’s even a ‘disease’ for the post Golden Week hangover.

Unfortunately, coronavirus really put a spanner in the works of many Golden Week plans, and people were resigned to spend their precious free time at home. With this new abundance of free time stuck indoors, many found themselves making all kinds of masterpieces, and Twitter was, of course, a breeding ground for these inventive endeavours. After all, you know what they say; boredom breeds creativity.  One such Twitter user, Kotarou Yamamoto (@kewpie3m), decided to join the creative fray by sharing a video he’d taken during Golden Week.

▼ “How to spend Golden Week with a rescue dog.”

Kotarou posted a video of himself playing the piano. Most of the time you’d scroll past such a video without giving it a second thought, but @kewpie3m’s piano playing was accompanied by a rescue dog. While Kotaro skillfully plays Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with an adorably tiny piano, his furry companion, named Chamu, patiently waits for her cue to push a bell with her paw.

Twitter was completely love struck by the performing pooch.

“It seems like after a while, the dog doesn’t even need the cue to come in on time. What a talented pup she is!”
“The dog is better than the pianist!”
“I was healed by this performance!”
“I have rescue dogs too, but they’re not as talented as this one!”
“The dog’s face is like ‘What’s going on here?'”
“Wow, the dog gets to enjoy this beautiful piano sound every day!”

Kotarou recently started a YouTube channel to post more musical content with Chamu. In one of his recent videos, a performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Chamu has upgraded from a bell to actually playing the piano and singing along (well, kind of).

If you’re interested in seeing more musical collaborations featuring Kotaro and Chamu, be sure to subscribe to the ‘Chamu Chamu Channel‘ on YouTube. And if you need help beating the boredom blues at home and don’t happen to have an adorable, well trained musical puppy nearby, why not try fighting a ninja or two?

Featured image: Twitter@kewpie3m
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