Hands-free-holder lets gamers keep gaming even when space is at a premium.

By putting all the wonders of the Internet in the palm of your hand, smartphones should take the boredom out of long train commutes. The problem, though, is that unless you’re one of the lucky few commuters who can grab a seat, you’ll be spending the ride hanging onto a strap, possibly with your off-hand stuck to your side as you stand-shoulder-to-shoulder with other passengers.

But, as they so often do, Japanese gadget maker Thanko has a creative solution to our problem.

In its undeployed mode, the Hands-Free Multi-Angle Smartphone Holder looks like something you’d see the hero wearing on Kamen Rider or some other Saturday afternoon tokusatsu special effects show.

But instead of helping you fight rubber-suit monsters, it helps you fight boredom by using your forearm as the base for a smartphone stand, so that you can still grab on to things with the corresponding hand.

The holder attaches to your wrist, after which the bracket itself can be adjusted to a variety of angles.

Not only does this leave one hand free to hold on to the train strap, it also leaves your other hand open for tapping, swiping, and other manipulation, and Thanko especially recommends it for people who want to play smartphone games during their commute.

▼ Though the angle might mean that everyone else will see what you’re playing, so it might not be the best choice for gacha games with suggestive character artwork.

▼ When not in use, the holder can be folded up into a more compact form.

The variety of adjustable angles means it can be used in non-train situations too. For example, if you’re using a map app to navigate while bicycling…

…or if you’re simply not in the mood to keep up a claw grip on your phone for the length of whatever video you’re watching.

Thanko is offering the Hands-Free Multi-Angle Smartphone Holder through its online store here for 1,980 yen (US$19.15), where it’s been popular enough that’s it’s currently sold out and awaiting restocking. Conversely, if you’re looking for a way to make your smartphone gaming more comfortable when you’re not going anywhere, there’s always Thanko’s “cushion that turns gamers into prisoners.”

Source: Thanko via Kinisoku
Images: Thanko
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