A collaboration between an online retailer and an aquarium dedicated to researching one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures.

From pencil cases based off fermented beans packed in straw to towels featuring shiba inu peekaboos, online retailer You+MORE! brings another whimsical creation to its shop: umbrellas designed after jellyfish.

To bring this product to life, You+MORE! teamed up with a very special collaborator.

As the current holder of the Guinness World Record for most number of jellyfish species on display, Kamo Aquarium is considered a powerhouse when it comes to the research and breeding of jellyfish worldwide.

It’s no surprise that You+MORE! approached the aquarium’s Jellyfish Dome Team for their expertise, and they delivered with umbrellas based off these three jellyfish: moon jelly, northern sea nettle, and spotted jelly.

The moon jelly umbrella features a blue gradient with the moon jelly’s petal-shaped markings on the umbrella’s top. Compared to the other two umbrellas, the moon jelly umbrella also has a wider dome to imitate the jellyfish’s physical look.

▼ All umbrellas are reinforced with fiberglass ribs for extra durability and flexibility.

While the umbrella based off the northern sea nettle doesn’t come with its characteristic tentacles, its pattern references the northern sea nettle’s distinctive stripes. The umbrella features sixteen stripes total, the same number of stripes found on actual northern sea nettles.

The third and final umbrella of the collection spotlights the plushy-looking spotted jelly. To the plain eye, the wide scalloped edges and dots provide for an adorable look.

However, to the trained eye of a studious jellyfish fan, the distinct row of dots lining the umbrella’s edges is a direct homage to the spotted jelly’s hood.

▼ Opening an umbrella indoors can be counted as bad luck, but not when you’re showing off your product to your muse!

Umbrellas purchased specifically at Kamo Aquarium also include an exclusive bonus: a limited edition charm featuring a baby jellyfish. From a distance, the charm may look like a flower, but diehard lovers of jellyfish will have the pleasure of repping their favorite invertebrate whether in the rain or shine.

▼ Experts at Kamo Aquarium were tasked with a quality check for the umbrella’s details. It’s always safe to triple-check when in doubt!

While Kamo Aquarium is currently closed for the time being due to COVID-19 preventive measures, you can currently purchase these lovely umbrellas through You+MORE!’s online store here for 1,600 yen (US$15) a pop.

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Source, images: PR Times, You+MORE!
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