Jellyfish and Halloween in perfect harmony at Sumida Aquarium event

Jellyfish and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jellyfish.

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Dive into a galaxy of jellyfish with Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium’s new Jellyfish Panorama【Photos】

An exhibit so soothing that it can literally put you to sleep.

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Tokyo aquarium’s reopening showcases a revamped, ethereally beautiful jellyfish chamber

Sumida Aquarium boasts a special viewing tank, transparent floors, and sections where you can see how they breed the jellies.

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Make all your friends jelly with these umbrellas inspired by jellyfish【Pics】

A collaboration between an online retailer and an aquarium dedicated to researching one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures.

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Tokyo’s Slayers anime cafe: The latest reason to go on a food quest to Akihabara【Photos】

Fan-focused food fun is a 30th-birthday party for the fantasy franchise, and also the only restaurant in Japan where you can DRINK jellyfish.

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Sakura shine at beautiful art installation at Tokyo Sky Tree’s Solamachi complex

Sakura and jellyfish: an unusual, but beautiful, combination.

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This jellyfish may only exist in Japanese aquariums, remains undiscovered in the wild

A handful of photos making the rounds on Japanese blogs purport to show a species of jellyfish only found in Japanese aquariums.

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Natto allergy is caused by jellyfish stings, says surprising Japanese study

Surfers could be at greater risk of developing an allergy to natto, a Japanese study has found. And the unlikely culprit is thought to be jellyfish stings.

Natto, the sticky fermented soy beans that are as as polarising as Marmite, is a traditional and common Japanese food. Allergy to natto is rare, but research from Yokohama City University Hospital suggests it could be more prevalent in people who spend a lot of time in the water and have been repeatedly stung by jellyfish.

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Make Dinner an Undersea Adventure With These Realistic Jellyfish Lamps

In Japan, people generally eat jellyfish, not decorate with them, but if you are the kind of person who eschews conventional interior design, you’ll want to have a look at these charming hanging lamps made by California-based Roxy Russel Designs. Faithfully modeled on real jellyfish, these translucently luminous creations will enchant even the most jelly-phobic decorators. Read More