If you win this unique BOSS x Nissin Raoh commemorative jumper, you’ll first need to soak it in hot water, just like instant ramen!

Beverage maker Suntory’s canned coffee BOSS and Nissin’s instant ramen Raoh are both products that have been popular with Japanese consumers for a long time, and it so happens that they are also celebrating their 25th anniversary together this year. To commemorate the special anniversary, the two products have launched a collaborative campaign which they’ve dubbed the “BOSS x Nissin Raoh 25th Anniversary Collaborative Raoh Boss Jumper Campaign“.

As the name suggests, the campaign involves a jumper in a special BOSS and Raoh collaborative design, but it’s not just the design that makes the jumper unique. Suntory have actually been giving away limited edition “BOSS jumpers” in various promotional campaigns for many years now, but this time, as it’s a collaboration with Nissin Raoh, they’ve added a fun and surprising twist to suit the instant ramen theme. That’s right, they’ve created an “instant jumper” that you soak in hot water like instant ramen to “hydrate” into jumper shape, and it’ll be given to just one lucky winner!

▼ The jumper comes with cool details like a roast pork emblem and pork fat buttons (and even green onion buttons on the inside, although they’re not visible).

The jumper comes in packaging that looks remarkably like the actual Raoh instant ramen.

And you’ll have to pour in some hot water to get your dry jumper hydrated.

Once you let the jumper soak in the hot water for five minutes, you can take it out using chopsticks.

▼ Here’s what the jumper looks like when it’s worn … umm, stylishly?

▼ You can see the entire process of how the jumper is “revived” from its dehydrated state in this video:

The jumper will certainly be a tough prize to win, as there’ll be only one winner, but it’s sure to be a fun experience. It’s not every day, after all, that you have the chance to cook up a piece of clothing with hot water, is it?

For a chance to win the jumper, you need to enter the sweepstakes campaign by sending in a postcard with the required information by the end of February, so if you’re interested, make sure to check out all the details on their campaign website!

Source: PR Times
Images: PR Times, Boss x Raoh Special Campaign siteYouTube/ Suntory Official YouTube Channel