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We’ve seen some pretty cool latte art over the years, but this might be the most, um, unusual we’ve spotted. It’s not exactly cute, but it certainly is out of this world!

From aliens to bunnies to Ghibli’s Catbus, this guy does it all in 3-D foam sculptures atop cups of coffee!

▼ Help! I’ve fallen through an interdimensional portal and I can’t get up!

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The cappuccino above was produced by Japanese Twitter user @george_10g, a popular cappuccino artist with numerous photos of his creations on his Twitter page. The alien cappuccino photo was tweeted with the message “Today’s free-time cappuccino, ‘Housei, my friend.'” The photo appeared only a few days ago, but it has already been retweeted almost 40,000 times!

If you’re wondering who Housei is, he’s a Japanese comedian who took part in a “Zettai Waratteikenai” (“You Must Not Laugh”) TV special focused on the “Earth Defense Army.” The game show’s rules are simple: Don’t laugh! Anyone caught laughing is summarily punished–usually with a swift kick to the butt or a nice paddling. As you may have guessed, the participants are led through various events and scenarios designed for maximum humor–a masochist’s dreamland, we suppose.

The “Earth Defense Army” special introduced the comedians to a short, fat-bottomed, silver alien who complained of being hungry, but refused to accept food from anyone–except Housei. After taking a snack from the Earthling, the alien held out its finger, which glowed when Housei touched it with his index finger. It was a cute and (painfully for the other comedians) hilarious scene as the alien croaked out, “Housei, my friend!”

Unfortunately, later in the show, it was discovered that the alien was actually an invader and had been getting information from someone on the inside. A gruff commander tested the participating comedians by making them touch its finger one by one–if the digit glowed, it meant there was a connection. Obviously, Housei was outed as an informant, prompting him to scream, “I hate you! You’re my enemy!”

The alien blithely responded, “Housei, my friend!” as the other comedians cackled wildly, earning themselves a few more rounds of ass-kicking. The alien cappuccino above is @george_10g’s homage to the gut-busting special, and the sore bottoms of all those brave comedians.

Completely unrelated to aliens or comedians, here are a few more of @george_10g’s amazing works of cappuccino art! Be sure to follow him on Twitter for more awesome photos, which are posted on a nearly daily basis.

And if you happen to meet an alien, don’t give it any food. It’s probably an invader!

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Sources: Hachimakikou, Twitter
Images: Twitter