Nine-year-old boy gives a new meaning to the term ‘Happy Meal’!

Many of us have had to adapt our eating patterns since the outbreak of coronavirus. Some people have started getting creative in the kitchen, cooking up things they’d never dream to make before the pandemic hit. For those who miss meals from their favourite restaurant, a number of home recipes have started popping up on the Internet so you can get a real taste of life pre-corona. Fast food giant Burger King is even offering a make-your-own Whopper home delivery set, if a juicy burger is what you’ve been missing.

McDonald’s also offer a home delivery service, but due to the spread of COVID-19, McDonald’s stores worldwide have been closing their McDoors. A McNugget-free world was tough for some Maccas fans, but perhaps none so more than Adam Bin Mohammad Irwan from Singapore. The nine-year-old lists McNuggets with French fries and ice cream as his favourite food, so he was naturally devastated when McDonalds announced all its Singapore branches would close temporarily on April 19.

Upon the re-opening on May 11, Adam’s mother decided to surprise him with some McDonald’s for dinner.

▼ Adam’s mother Wati tried to keep the McDonald’s hidden by putting them in plastic bags.

Adam initially thought his mother was playing a prank on him and started to run around yelling, but soon realised what was happening when he spotted the McFeast on the table. While it appears like he is overreacting at first, his mother explains that Adam is autistic and that his ‘overreaction’ was due to his sensory sensitivity. Upon realising what his mother had done for him, Adam immediately burst into tears.

In a particularly adorable moment, Adam gently hugged a McNugget close to his cheek, as if it were his greatest treasure. We’ve all been there, Adam.

▼ Adam then began to tuck into his treat, tears streaming down his face the whole time.

Japanese fans were pleased for adorable Adam and his special treat.

“I want to do something like this and make my son cry too! He loves McDonald’s, but not this much! The parents must feel so happy seeing their son this overjoyed!”
“What a sweet boy! He’s saying ‘thank you’!”
“McDonald’s is truly the USA’s greatest masterpiece.”

“McDonald’s is surprisingly delicious. It was always a treat for me when I was young.”
“It’s nice to have something you like so much it makes you cry tears of joy!”
“A while back I ate McDonald’s for the first time in a while. It really was delicious.”

Adam and his love for McDonald’s made the news in Japan, but of course the video was a viral sensation in his homeland of Singapore. So much so that it got the attention of McDonald’s Singapore, who sent Adam a follow-up surprise of a lot more McDonald’s.

▼ No tears this time, but Adam looks equally pleased with his follow-up McFeast!

Adam is certainly not the first person in the world to break down crying at just how delicious something is, nor do we doubt he’ll be the last. And while there are sure to be naysayers, we’re just happy that Adam is finally reunited with his favourite foods. And hey, if Adam is looking for some McBeverage to wash down his nuggets, fries and ice cream with, we recommend the Ramune McShake. While it’s a Japan-exclusive menu item, Adam can always have a crack at making it himself, like we did!

Source: Hey Adam@YouTube via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Hey Adam@YouTube
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