Actress who’s played sultry teacher gets some startlingly wholesome, and complicated, queries.

Like many who work in her industry, Japanese adult video actress Eimi Fukuda owes no small part of her popularity to her physique and facial features. Those attributes have helped the 22-year-old Fukuda compile a staggering list of on-screen credits in her career so far, with over 80 appearances in 2019 and already roughly two dozen in 2020.

▼ Eimi Fukuda

But among Fukuda’s recent credits are a number that allude to playing a character who’s intelligent (as in My Girlfriend’s Little Sister is a Whispering Slutty Bookworm Who Tempts Me By Pressing Her Breasts into Close Contact with Me Even Though My Girlfriend is Right by Us), an educator (C*ck-eating Professor Slut and the 10 Students She Feasted On), or just generally helpful (the titled-in-English Let Me Help You Jerk Off!!). With that background, it wasn’t too startling when Fukuda recently tweeted a selfie with the suggestive offer “I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

And sure enough, Fukuda’s fans have been quick to pump her for information. However, the questions that her tweet have been garnering aren’t probing her for most scandalous intimate experiences or most pleasurable coupling techniques, but instead seeking guidance on much more wholesome matters, like here where she receives the request “Can you teach me how to solve these equations?”

“My dog has developed a habit of biting me. Please tell me how I can fix this problem.”

▼ “I’m having trouble with organic compounds in chemistry class, so can you teach me about them?”

▼ “Which financial institution do you think would be best for securing a housing loan?”

▼ Fukuda, possibly calling banks and asking about their interest rates.

Fans are taking full advantage of Fukuda’s offer to tell them “anything,” but she seems to be getting an especially large number of computer queries.

▼ “I just can’t seem to wrap my head around Vuex for Vue.js apps. I sort of get the gist about status management, but doesn’t it seem like it has more drawbacks than advantages?”

▼ “Since you said ‘anything,’ please show me how to use Excel and Word.”

▼ “When I use Cycles Render in Blender, the textures keep coming out with a purple color to them. In the editing window, the correct colors are displaying, but it’s like it peels off during the rendering process (or maybe another texture is getting placed on top of the one I want?). How can I correct this? I’m using Version 2.79.”

Cars and motorsports are another area in which Fukuda’s followers would be happy to have her help.

▼ “Even when I fill up my tank completely, my car’s gas gauge still shows empty. Please advise.”

▼ “I’d like your advice on the approach to this multi-corner section at the Motorland Suzuka race track. I’m not sure about how deep I should cut the apex.”

▼ “When my toy car gets to the jump part of the track, it flies at an awkward angle and doesn’t land right. My theory is that the tires have some sort of discrepancy in their contact patches, but can you tell me what the trick is getting them to match?”

But the most profound question of all came from a fan who asked:

“Please tell me where humanity comes from, and for what purpose do we live, and one day die?”

While a number of fellow commenters have offered their own personal bits of advice or links to books they’ve found helpful for addressing the various issues, Fukuda herself is yet to respond to the thread, either because they’re not quite the sort of questions she was expecting, or maybe just because they’re complicated enough to require some lengthy research before they can be answered.

Source: Twitter/@FUKADA0318
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