“All That’s Left to Add is the Curry” is an ominous title for this custom design. Steel your stomachs!

The thing that gives customizable daily task games like Minecraft or Animal Crossing their longevity is the level of customization. In the latest version, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can customize everything from who lives on their little island to their house interiors to the island itself. If you want to go the extra mile then you can use the in-game Custom Designs tool, which is how we got to experience Animal Crossing versions of Pokémon’s Pallet Town and Spirited Away.

Twitter user @wancorl123 has an especially creative flair. Using the game’s furniture, fashion and carefully composed photographs, they’ve created a series of incredible dioramas that both utilize the canon content and their own custom designs.

▼ An Animal Crossing: New Horizons edition of Sad Keanu.

“A dolphin (?) show.”

One of their biggest smash hits, with over 10,000 retweets and counting, was a creative design cooked up to resemble a family favorite meal: curry and rice.

▼ The design is titled “All That’s Left to Add is the Curry”.

Thing is, there is no curry item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at present. You also can’t layer custom designs atop one another to add curry into the dish in that manner. So how can we turn this half-empty plate into a full, delicious serving? The answer lies in the full tweet. We recommend not proceeding if you’re about to tuck into a meal, especially if that meal is curry and rice.

“I posted up my curry design! Please use it if you have any extra fossilized po*p.”

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can dig up fossils and donate them to the museum. One of these fossils is coprolite, which is a fancy way of saying ‘preserved prehistoric poop‘. And yes…when placed atop @wancorl123’s delicately rendered rice and umeboshi design, it does look quite like a generous helping of curry.

▼ So moist…

▼ Such generous portions…

Naturally, netizens were left in awe, amazement, and utter disgust.

“How the heck did you think of this LOL”
“‘Whoa, that looks like some delicious curry!’…is what I thought before I read the rest!”
“I mean, if it tastes like curry, I still might eat it…”
“I have tons of coprolite so this is doing me a huge favor! Thanks!”

Having long-since completed my own fossil collection and with no excess coprolite, I decided to experiment with the design myself.

▼ What’s a villager to do when they haven’t got any dino poo?

First I thought, why not sprinkle my rice with sakura petals? We’re huge sakura fiends here at SoraNews24, and just because the season has blown away on the breeze doesn’t mean we can’t mix it into our virtual rice.

▼ Alas, the entire design was submerged, rendering it pointless.

The cherry blossom petals gave me an idea, though. Those were from spring, and now it is summer. Pineapple curry is a thing, right? If you can jam it into any given dessert or pop song, I’m sure it’ll taste good in curry too.

▼ Now we’re getting somewhere.

But perhaps the best non-Coprolite dish I could cook up with @wancorl123’s design was this vegetable stir-fry, made by customizing a frying pan.

▼ Hey, this looks pretty appetizing!

@wancorl123 is the real visionary here, so if you own Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a Nintendo Online subscription check out their creator code (MA-3697-5850-1357) to check out even more wild and mind-bending designs. And let us know if you’ve thought up a way to recreate bright blue Dragon Quest Slime Curry!

Source, images: Twitter/@wancorl123
Top image: Twitter/@wancorl123
Insert images: Twitter/@wancorl123, SoraNews24

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