Works with images from Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart, and more.

Studio Ghibli recently released 400 images from its classic anime films for free use to the general public, simply asking that they be used “within the scope of common sense.” Just looking at them is a joy for animation fans, but Yoshiwo Konogi (@yoshiwo_konogi on Twitter) has come up with a very clever use for them.

Konogi has developed what he calls the Ghibli Caption Maker, which allows you to easily add text captions to the images. The system, which is free to use on Konogi’s website, is currently applicable with 12 different images from Spirited Away, The Secret World of Arrietty, The Wind Rises, From Up On Poppy Hill, Whisper of the Heart, Tales from Earthsea, Ponyo, and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. Just click/tap on the image you want to use…

…then scroll down to where the image you selected is repeated and type the text you want in the box underneath it.

There’s also a button to send a tweet of the captioned image you’ve designed, which will automatically add a “Ghibli Caption Maker” hashtag in Japanese (#ジブリ字幕メーカー).

There’s a slight hiccup for English text users. Because Japanese writing doesn’t put any spaces between words, the Ghibli Caption Maker’s text entry box doesn’t recognize space bar inputs. So if you’re writing in English, you’ll need to put some other kind of spacer between your words, or hit enter and start a new line for each so the words are stacked vertically.

Some of the captions that have been made so far:

▼ “Why did I spend all of my grocery money on gacha mobile games…”

▼ “Ah! I pooped myself.”
“You know, I just remembered there’s somewhere I’ve gotta be.”

▼ “How I feel when I can go home from work without having to do any overtime.”

▼ “You know that feeling, when you can just tell what you’ve written is going to get a lot of likes on social media?”

If you’d like to try out Konogi’s Ghibli Caption Maker for yourself, it can be found here.

Source: Konogi Tools via Gigazine via Livedoor News
Images: Konogi Tools
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