The cast of Demon Slayer is the latest to encourage good hygiene habits (not counting the boar’s head) in this humorous illustration.

It must not be too bad being manga author and artist Koyoharu Gotoge these days. His work Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 2016 and spawned a hit anime adaptation last year with a feature film sequel set to be released later this year. Ask many manga and anime fans around the world and they’ll tell you that it is the hottest manga out there right now.

Therefore, it seems like Gotoge’s in a relatively good position to have dedicated readers listen to him when he provides some friendly reminders for helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as Japan is currently in a nationwide state of emergency:

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“A virus prevention illustration is here! From Mr. Gotoge to everyone, an illustration of support from Tanjiro and his friends has arrived. The difficult situation continues, but please stay safe by following these three beats: Wash hands! Gargle! Wear a mask!”

The exclamation bubble reads “We won’t catch it! We won’t spread it!” and the line of text beneath the main trio reads “We’ll never give in to the coronavirus!”

From left to right we see Zenitsu happily cradling a bottle of soap next to his infatuation, Nezuko, who’s lathering her hands with bubbles while her brother Tanjiro checks to make sure her facial mask is fastened properly. It’s a cute departure seeing her usual bamboo mouth gag replaced by a mask, though it does make us wonder how foolproof it is to stop her from biting people. In what many net users have decided is the most amusing part of the drawing, we also see Inosuke complete with his boar’s head “mask” haughtily gloating, “Look at me, perfect me.”

Tickled net users chimed in to the post with their own Covid-19 prevention mechanisms and musings inspired by Demon Slayer:

Demon Slayer-themed masks created by @mama_botukuri

▼ A mother who drew a similar picture and hung it in her house entryway as a reminder to great effect

▼ Another fan who inadvertently realized they’d never seen Inosuke’s boar’s head mouth open so wide before and was startled

▼ A barista who decided that Gotoge’s sketch of Inosuke was so charming that he turned it into latte art

Net users also displayed a loving fascination with Inosuke’s virus prevention method and gratitude for Gotoge in their online comments:

“Well done, Inosuke, for wearing a ‘mask’!”
“Huh, so Inosuke was wearing a mask all along…”
“If Inosuke were to catch the virus he’d probably get all depressed and apologize for being weak.”
“Tanjiro looks about ready to yell ‘Social distance!‘ if Zenitsu gets too close to Nezuko.”
“I’ve been at my limit with self-isolating but this picture gave me strength. I’ll hang in there a little bit longer.”

If everyone continues to heed the above advice in reducing the spread of the virus, hopefully the numbers of new infections will also continue to drop as indicated this past Sunday.

Source: Twitter/@kimetsu_off via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@kimetsu_off
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