Please note that they don’t recommend using the actual cookies.

On your hypothetical first visit to a Japanese grandma, she’ll likely pull out a spread of delectable snacks including cookies, cakes, chips and crackers. Nestled amongst the trove of treats, you’ll probably find several long stick cookies wrapped in extravagantly-printed purple-banded cellophane: Lumonde crepe cookies.

▼ Delicate layers of baked, crispy crepe wrapped in a sumptuous cocoa glaze; advertised by a soothing, attractive man.

Scrumptious and moreish as Lumonde cookies are, why should you buy yourself a pack rather than another, more substantial cookie? The answer is clear: because other cookie brands aren’t using Twitter to show you how to fashion their cast-off wrappers into fashionable racing toys. Bourbon — Lumonde’s production company — posted a video demonstrating exactly how one can turn a cheap 100 yen (US$0.93) toy car into a roaring Lumonde racer, and even comes up with a game to play with the larger plastic bag that the Lumonde sticks are housed in.

▼ Look at it go! (Translation below)

We thought up a Lumonde game to play while you’re indoors!
These are so easy to make and play with at home that everyone can join in the fun — give it a go!”

The video shows a little car that looks just like a Lumonde stick, revved up and ready to race. The steps in the video ask you to take a cheap toy car with removable parts and pull off its top. Then, use a strip of cardboard and fold it over to create the illusion of a cookie inside the discarded wrapper. Tape it firmly to the car base so that it keeps its shape. Ta-dah! One Lumonde racer, completed! Try to race it into the empty bag!

Cookie connoisseurs rallied to the challenge, using Lumonde’s basic video as a stepping stone to reach greater, more delicious heights.

“I wanted mine to be the fastest.”

“I made a Lumonde Microman.”

Then Bourbon received a tweet from an unexpected admirer: the official Twitter account of Toyota Gazoo Racing.

“Hello there! We’d really relish your presence at the track in France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race…”

Blushing and stuttering, Bourbon was forced to turn down the kindly invitation, insisting they never intended for their quaint little craft project to get so big. Besides, the Toyota Gazoo Racing team would probably relish Lumonde’s presence a lot less after realizing that all their racing cars were filled with cardboard instead of deliciously crispy, cocoa-coated crepe.

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Source: Twitter/@Bourbon_JP via Hachima Kikou
Top image: YouTube/ブルボン

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