Gotta get these Sega snacks fast — especially if you like non-traditional taiyaki!

Sega, established in 1960, is celebrating its 60th anniversary with something we can all get behind: food.

They’ve decided to release a new type and flavor of taiyaki — a fish-shaped cake traditionally filled with custard or red bean paste — designed to look like one of its most popular and classic characters: Sonic the Hedgehog.

▼ The front of the taiyaki features a smiling Sonic…

▼ …and the back has the classic title logo!

Like the corned beef taiyaki that Sega released in the past, the “Sonic the Hedgehog-yaki” have a not-so-traditional flavor as well: chili cheese dog.

They’re available for 300 yen per cake (US$2.80) only at Sega no Taiyaki shops in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro and Akihabara neighborhoods.

“But it’s too cool to eat! I want to bring it home as a souvenir,” you may be thinking. You’re in luck: they’re also selling Sonic taiyaki pin badges (that are not edible), available for 350 yen each.

▼ He’s eating a traditional taiyaki, probably because it would be a little strange if he were eating one shaped like himself.

Ever since the treats have gone on sale, customers have been posting their thoughts and pictures on social media about their Sonic the Hedgehog-yaki.

“I ended the day by trying this new Sonic the Hedgehog-yaki that went on sale in Akihabara today. It’s sooo good!”

▼ A comparison between the taiyaki and the real thing. We’d say the resemblance is uncanny!

If you’re already planning your post-quarantine Japan trip, be sure to add this to the bucket list along with a Magikarp taiyaki and anime-girl taiyaki too!

Sources, images: PR Times
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