These adorable illustrations of Totoros with various veggies and acorns will transform your kitchen into its cutest form yet.

Donguri Kyowakoku, the official merch shop for all fun and whimsical things Studio Ghibli, released a new series of Totoro-themed kitchen items under the title of “Forest Kitchen” on April 15. There are five new items in the series, including food-prep utensils and gear. Why not take a dive into the world of forest spirits as you prepare your lunch with the new collection?

▼ The Kitchen Forest series at a glance


Cutting board (3,960 yen [US$29.60])

The first item is a gorgeous cutting board made from natural wood. At 350 x 170 x 13 millimeters (13.8 x 6.7 x 0.5 inches), it’s on the small side, but perfect for chopping up an afternoon snack of something fresh from the garden.

▼ Cute illustrations of Totoros gathering food grace the board.

Kitchen tongs (1,980 yen)

These sleek tongs are made from a combination of natural wood and stainless steel. They’re also fun-sized, at 145 x 35 x 65 millimeters.

▼ It’s easy to imagine using them while sharing a salad with Totoro.

Placemat (1,650 yen)

This colorful, 100-percent cotton placemat is bursting with adorable Totoros and the results of their forest food gathering. A cute orange tag in the lower right corner features a Mini Totoro peering out from behind an ear of corn. Its dimensions are 420 x 320 millimeters.

Kitchen Apron (4,620 yen)

This 100-percent cotton apron has two large pockets in the front made from the same fabric as the placemat. The straps and waist ties are a lovely spring-green hue.

The dimensions are 900 x 680 millimeters, making it a great fit for grown-ups who also want to share in the joy of Totoro’s hidden world.

Kitchen oven mitt (2,750 yen)

A 100-percent cotton oven mitt outfitted in the same fabric as above is just what you need for cooking some of the most delicious dishes around.

It’s 125 x 190 x 55 millimeters, which should fit most human hands but may be a bit snug for any giant Totoro spirits.

Donguri Kyowakoku goods are known to sell fast, so you may want to drop by a store soon before the Kitchen Forest series is gone. Here’s one more idea–pair the lineup with some of the lovely cherry blossom Totoro tableware also offered by Donguri Kyowakoku this spring!

Source, images: PR Times
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