Cool new kits let you enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese summer festival without leaving your home.

Anyone who has spent time in Japan during the hotter months will tell you about the joys of a Japanese summer festival. Known in Japanese as natsu matsuri, these local festivals see people dress up in colorful yukata and eat delicious street food whilst watching the fireworks with friends and loved ones. For a lot of people, it just doesn’t feel like summer until you’ve been to your first festival of the season.

Unfortunately, the arrival of coronavirus meant most festivals were cancelled over the past two years. While this year has seen the slow but steady return of summer matsuri, the reality is that it’s been difficult for some festival organisers to host the large scale festivals and firework shows that took place pre-corona.

Keeping that in mind, festival wholesale company Kishis decided to help people create new summer memories and keep the matsuri tradition alive by creating festival stands to use at home.

The Enka-no-Yatai build-it-yourself festival stalls let you enjoy a summer festival atmosphere without having to spend time in large crowds of people. The stalls are all designed to hold carnival-type games.

The stalls come in seven different styles and feature bright Showa-era style graphics and colors. They’re 188 centimetres (6.1 feet) tall and 90 centimetres (2.9 inches) wide. They are easy to assemble and can be built in as little as 15 minutes.

There are three ‘table’ style stalls, with the text on the banners denoting what kind of game it should be used for. From left to right, the stalls on offer are ‘shooting gallery‘, ‘ring toss‘ and ‘ball toss‘.

There are also four ‘pool’ type of stands too, to be used with the more traditionally Japanese ‘scooping’ games. From left to right, the stalls are ‘water balloon scooping’, ‘ball scooping’, ‘toy scooping’ and ‘jewellery scooping’.

▼ You can see the games being demonstrated in this video.

The table-type stalls cost 16,500 yen each (US$119.60), and the pool types slightly less at 14,300 yen (US$103.66). They’re perfect for hosting mini summer events, like at schools or neighbourhood parties, but if you have room for it you could even set up a private festival in your own home.

If you’re lacking the space to put up a few matsuri stalls but are still craving the festival vibe, this Japanese summer festival in a box may be just what you’re after.

Source: Kishis, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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