Pokémori Round 2 promotion is giving away over 1,100 Poké Ball-style ceramic rice bowls.

Since starting out with Pokémon Red and Green in 1996, the Pokémon video game series has had nine full-fledged sequels, and the structure of Japanese TV broadcasts means the Pokémon anime has also gone through several name changes and completed story arcs since its 1997 beginning. So it was, really, inevitable that we’d see a sequel to the Pokémon/Yoshinoya tie-up.

The Pokémori (mori being a Japanese word meaning “a serving of food”) is a Yoshinoya beef or curry rice bowl served not in the chain’s usual bowls, but in special vessels that look like Poké Balls, each of which has one of seven Pocket Monster species waiting at the bottom of the bowl underneath the rice.

▼ Note the Pikachu ears in the pattern that runs along the inside rim

In the Pokémori Set you also get one of seven figures, with the possibilities being Eelektross, Rhydon, Donphan, Numel, Honchkrow, Rhyperior, and Hippowdon. That might seem like a random grouping, but it’s because the Japanese-version names of all seven (Shibirudon, Saidon, Donfan, Donkarasu, Dosaidon, and Kabarudon) all contain “don,” which sounds just like don, the Japanese word for “bowl.”

▼ The Pokémori Set also gets you a Pikachu mixed fruits juice box

The Pokémori Set with a beef bowl is priced at 498 yen (US$4.70), while the kids-size beef bowl and kids’ curry rice sets are 448 yen. If you’re looking to cut down the bill, there are also 328-yen non-set Pokémori that don’t include the juice or figure, though you’ll have to decide if saving 120 yen is worth the risk of earning your child’s resentment.

There’s also a take-out Pokémori Set. The paper bowls for these are less fancy, but on the plus side they’re yours to keep, since eat-in customers have to give their bowls back when they’re done. However, if you’d like to own your own ceramic Pokémori bowl, there is a way, or two ways, actually. The first is to follow Yoshnoya’s official Twitter account and retweet the tweet below, which enters you into a drawing to receive one of 30 Pokémori bowls.

The other way is to follow Yoshinoya, purchase any Pokémori item, and then direct message the Yoshinoya account with a photo of your receipt. 1,000 people who do will win one Pokémori bowl, and 100 extra lucky entrants will get a complete set of all seven designs.

The Pokémori Round 2 promotion runs from July 23 to August 23, and we’re foreseeing a lot of Yoshinoya meals in our future for the next month, so we’re glad to know they’re apparently not all that bad for you.

Source: Yoshinoya
Top image: Yoshinoya
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