The Pokémori is back!

It’s take-out meals’ time to shine, as the coronavirus pandemic has shut down many eat-in dining operations. Luckily, Japan has long been spoiled for choice when it comes to to-go meals, with Yoshinoya’s beef bowls being a time-honored favorite.

In these uncertain times, there’s something especially comforting about a hot, protein-packed meal at an affordable price, so it’s not like we needed any extra incentive to hit our local Yoshinoya branch for lunch. But we got it anyway, as the company has just announced the return of its collaboration with the Pokémon franchise!

An encore to the Pokémon/Yoshinoya team up from last December, Yoshinoya is bringing back its Pokémori meals. As with the first go-around, the Pokémori can be either a gyudon (beef bowl) or curry rice, which is served in a take-out container that looks like a Pokéball.

▼ The Pokéball theme continues on the take-out bag.

In addition to a la carte Pokémori, you can also shell out just a little more for a Pokémori Set, which includes a juice box and one of seven possible Pokémon figures.

Because this is a promotion for gyudon, six Pokémon whose names end in -don (in the game/anime’s Japanese version, at least). are waiting for hungry Poké fans, starting with Charizard (Lizardon in Japan), Groudon, Slowpoke (Yadon), and Weepinbell (Utsudon).

Also returning from the first Pokémori promotion are both the East and West Sea versions of Gastrodon (Tritodon), and, joining the Pokémori party for the first time, Pikachu!

▼ Pikachu’s name is Pikachu all over the world, so he’s got no -don credentials, but the series mascot is always welcome wherever he goes.

Now you might remember that back in December, Yoshinoya’s eat-in Pokémori customers were given ceramic Pokéball-style bowls to eat from. This time around, Pokémori is only available to go in paper containers, but you can still get your hands on a ceramic bowl, which has an illustration of one of the seven Pokémon species at its bottom. 100 customers who follow and send a photo of their Pokémori receipt to the official Yoshinoya Twitter account (@yoshinoyagyudon) will receive one of the ceramic bowls, as will 10 people who follow and retweet the tweet below by May 31, even without making a purchase.

Pokémori prices range from 328 yen (US$3.10) for the a la carte Kids’ Gyudon or Curry up to 498 yen for the adult-size set, and the menu items will be available from May 14 to June 15.

Source: Yoshinoya via Livedoor News/Oricon News via Jin
Images: Yoshinoya
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