Any dog that thinks it can swipe a duck’s paddling pool is in for a honking great lecture.

We’re big fans of the animal kingdom at SoraNews24, as noted by our well-stocked “cute animals” tag. One animal that tends to stay out of the spotlight is the humble duck; though occasionally we’ll get a laugh out of seeing a mother duck parade her children through a public space or admire the frenetic way they peck at a watermelon, in general, we tend to pass them over in favor of four-legged options like puppies or kittens.

Well, more fool us! As it turns out, ducks make for perfectly precious and precocious pets. No one knows this better than Twitter user @ggAgfiffLLhGY5H, who has four pets: a parakeet, a cockatiel, a gorgeous, dopey golden retriever called Potato, and a glossy white call duck named Omochi — Mochi for short.

▼ Mochi reclines luxuriously in a towel.

While the animals live together in relative harmony, there’s little doubt about who really rules the roost. @ggAgfiffLLhGY5H posted a video where Omochi, having found Potato hogging their mutual paddling pool, immediately sets about squawking, pecking and tugging on the dog’s ear, like a tomboyish girl to her lovesick male friend in a rom-com anime.

“Looks like someone’s mad they got their paddling pool swiped away… “

Mochi unleashes a furious spate of attacks on poor Potato’s ear, but the big golden retriever seems utterly unfazed. Perhaps Potato is equally confused that its tiny winged pal isn’t hopping into the pool as well, as they’ve apparently shared it without issue numerous times before.

“For my first upload to Twitter, here’s a shot of my monstrous gorilla and a fluffy mochi locked in battle.”

Though, to be fair, Mochi doesn’t seem much more hospitable from inside the paddling pool. Another video shows Mochi bobbing pleasantly in the paddling pool and taking jabs at Potato whenever the poor dog draws near enough.

“They bathe together once a week in hopes that Potato’s unrequited fondness might be returned… (Mochi HATES Potato)”

Whatever their relationship, one thing is certain: Twitter can’t get enough of this odd couple.

“What a cute duck…but the dog is being way too sweet to it! Dogs are amazing.”
“I’m sure the dog is actually enjoying getting this weird skritch at the base of its ears.”
“Ducks are so gutsy!”
“Poor Potato looks so woe-begotten!”

Also, perhaps this might answer why ducks aren’t quite as celebrated online as cats or dogs. Far from dogs’ lollopy loyalty and cats’ tsundere charms, ducks just seem to have really fowl attitudes!

Top image: Wikimedia Commons/Ernst Vikne
Source: Twitter/@ggAgfiffLLhGY5H via Hamusoku

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