Is ass-play the next frontier of gaming?

As video games continue to become more and more realistic we are always searching for the next level of immersion. I don’t know about you all, but I never truly feel “in the game” unless I can feel it in my rear end. Just the other day when someone called me “butthurt” on Call of Duty I wistfully sighed, “if only…”

But now my borderline erotic prayers have been answered by Japanese VR company Wizapply and their new Antseat compact motion simulator. Small enough to fit on a gaming chair but also possible to use on the floor, Antseat promises you can feel motion along two axes just like those rides at Universal Studios.

From the gentle banking of a flight simulator to the horrifically violent rocking of me crashing in a flight simulator, Antseat will finally allow you to shake your moneymaker in the virtual world. And a moneymaker it had better be, because the asking price for one unit is 169,000 yen (US$1,600).

It’s that very price point that has sent people’s thoughts from “hell yeah, I’ll take one of those right now” to:

“The instant I saw the price my brain shouted ‘too much!'”
“If it could let you do those motion simulator theme park rides at home, that’d be good.”
“So is anyone going to talk about the erotic game applications for this?”
“I’m thinking you can put a stick on there and…”
“But the keyboard is stationary and only your butt moves, so won’t that mess up your back?”
“I can just buy a massage chair and play in that.”
“I think it’s a really interesting product for home use that I’ve never seen before. The only problem is whether game developers will adopt it in the future.”

Indeed, as someone who has been burnt by numerous short-lived game peripherals from various steering wheels and light guns to R.O.B. to the Power Glove to that floor mat thing that you were supposed to run on but could really just slap with your hands much more easily…

I forgot where I was going with that.

Anyway, for such a steep price one would have to hope this device gets a lot of support for a rich variety of games. Antseat currently boasts that with 10 titles including flight simulators and VR games standard but up to 80 games can be used with the help of external tools. Wizapply will also continue to make it easy for developers to incorporate it in future releases by adding software development kits to all major game engines.

Preorders for the machine will begin at the end of November in Japan and in Spring of 2021 in North America and Europe. For such an unprecedented peripheral it will certainly be a rocky start, but Antseat may just find success if enough gamers out there want to play their games and sit on them too.

Source: Wizzapply, MoguLive, Hachima Kiko
Images: Wizzapply
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