One of our own reporters has a go at making a personal Halloween-themed mask for USJ’s newest event.

Part of the fun when it comes to visiting an amusement park is dressing up. While each theme park has its own variety of rules, some which ban face coverings for safety-related reasons, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is instead encouraging folks to mask up this year by hosting a Halloween mask cosplay contest.

▼ An official announcement for the contest.

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Running until November 8, the contest will have three divisions: Full Costume Mask Cosplay, Masks at USJ, and Solo Masks. Participants can choose to incorporate their mask into a cosplay or to simply decorate a plain face mask. Irregardless, the contest is a fun way for USJ visitors to stay safe while enjoying the park. Furthermore, at the end of the contest period, USJ will select fifteen winners total to receive awesome prizes such as park passes and gift bags. 

One of our Japanese-language reporters, K. Masami, who is no stranger to dressing up, decided there was no better way to cover this event than to participate in it herself. She went and bought a plethora of items from the 100-yen store to decorate her mask. Her haul included ribbons, Halloween-themed stickers, and a tulle hair tie.

▼ For the base mask, Masami opted for a plain, single-use one. It’s always safe to go with the basics!

Staring down at the mask, Masami had a faint deja-vu moment: she was reminded of the times she decorated the back of her phone case. While this project would most certainly require less super glue, Masami figured decorating the mask would be similar process-wise. She started off by loosely arranging her ribbons and stickers around the mask.

Since it was a single-use mask, Masami felt very carefree as she mixed and matched the ribbons and stickers. Tying two purple ribbons with a spooky cobweb design to the mask’s ends, she felt the final image of her decorated mask surface to her mind seamlessly. Before she knew it, thirty minutes had passed and she was finished!

▼ Ta-da! Last but not least, an upload to the Insta!

The mask cosplay contest will run until November 8 and folks who are interested in participating can read up on the contest details here. If you’re still stumped on how to incorporate your mask into your Halloween outfit, you can always go the campy route and make this tuna-shaped one for free!

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