Just like when the anime heroine came back from the dead, Sailor Moon the Miracle 4-D isn’t going down so easily.

When Universal Studios Japan announced that Sailor Moon would be part of it its Universal Cool Japan 2018 festivities, it seemed like the Osaka theme park was doing everything right. A 20-minute long 4-D extravaganza with a original story, in which fans can take up the anime heroine’s Cutie Rod in their own hands and help her and the other Sailor Senshi save the world? Sounds like a dream come true for fans of the franchise.

However, there was one major problem with the otherwise perfect Sailor Moon the Miracle 4-D attraction, and that’s that it was only scheduled to run until June 24. If you were planning to make the attraction the highlight of your summer vacation, you were out of luck, unless you were fortunate enough to be able to get out of work or school very early in the season, and also willing to travel to Japan when the country is at its most unpleasantly humid.

But just like the death of Sailor Moon herself at the end of Season 1 didn’t take, so too is Sailor Moon the Miracle getting a new lease on life, as USJ has announced that it’s extending the attraction throughout the summer! The new last date will be September 30, which means that even if you’re taking advantage of the dip in airline fares in early autumn to come to Japan, you can still make it on time.

Those on a tight schedule may want to consider purchasing one of the supplementary Sailor Moon Express Passes, which shortens your waiting time for the attraction, supplies you with various Sailor Moon merch, and also lets you lock eyes with Tuxedo Mask in a personalized meet-and-greet session.

In celebration of the extension, the park’s Sailor Moon photo backdrop will also be getting an update from its above-pictured original version. Also being shaken up is USJ’s menu of Sailor Moon-themed foods, with the Luna P Ball Mousse Orange Fromage and Sailor Moon Strawberry Mango Smoothie joining the preexisting Moon Prism Power Berry Pistachio Pineapple Cake as of June 25.

USJ’s decision to extend the attraction’s run comes after a flood of positive feedback from visitors saying they want to come again, as well as bring their friends or kids to join in on the anime magical girl fun. Even Naoko Takuchi, Sailor Moon’s famously hard-to-please creator, has been singing the praises of the Sailor Moon the Miracle 4-D attraction, which opened on March 16. “I wish I could experience it every day!” she gushed. “Seeing the beautiful Sailor Senshi leaping about and fighting evil, it’s all so amazing. It makes me glad to be alive,” and it’s sure to be a special memory for fans too.

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Images: PR Times
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