Pikachu and Gengar will be on stage, and terrifying monsters will be in your nightmares.

On Thursday, Universal Studios Japan got an extra dash of seasonal cuteness as it kicked off its Hahaha Halloween Party celebration. Some might say it’s still too soon to be getting into the Halloween spirit, but there’s a pretty easy counter-argument to that in this case, which is that it’s never too early for Pikachu to be showing up, which he is for the park’s new Pokémon Jumping Party show.

Actually, it’s not just any Pikachu who’s making an appearance, but DJ Pikachu, sporting some fashionable attire and a set of Poké Ball-motif headphones. During the high-energy musical show DJ Pikachu encourages fans to jump to the beats he’s putting out, and he’ll be joined onstage by another Pocket Monster-turned musical performer, DJ Gengar.

Pokémon Jumping Party will take place daily at USJ’s Gramercy Park stage, replacing the Super Mario Sunshine-reminiscent splash show that just wrapped up. Between performances, DJs Pikachu and Gengar will be hanging out on the streets of USJ’s Hollywood zone to meet and greet fans, accompanied by three more Pokémon: Misdreavus, Banette, and Mimikyu, all Ghost-types, in keeping with the Halloween theme (if you’re wondering why Gengar gets a DJ version and Mimikyu doesn’t, maybe it’s because Mimikyu’s crushing freestyle rap battle loss to Pikachu from a few years back still stings).

If this is all too cutesy for your Halloween preferences, you’ll be happy, or maybe terrified, to know that once the sun goes down, the Pokémon call it a day and the night belongs to what Universal Studios Japan says is its largest horde of “street zombies” ever, who will be taking over the park’s New York zone as part of its Halloween Horror Night event.

And don’t worry if you’ve already got other plans for Halloween night, Both Hahaha Halloween Party and Halloween Horror Night run until November 5.

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