face mask

Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on a plane refuses to wear mask in custody

At least he’s consistent.

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Universal Studios Japan launches mask cosplay contest for Halloween

One of our own reporters has a go at making a personal Halloween-themed mask for USJ’s newest event.

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Pilot makes unscheduled landing after passenger refuses to wear face mask

People in Japan are seething with anger at the selfishness of the anti-masker.

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Can Mr. Sato freeze this cooling face mask just by shaking it?【Video】

Yet another brilliant idea strikes the genius brain of Mr. Sato.

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Japanese man comes up with ingenious (and slightly creepy) way to take a nap in meetings

Gives the term ‘face mask’ a whole new meaning.

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Japanese kitty sculptor creates a new topical meme figure: a cat in a face-mask

The man who makes memes manifest makes his latest masked masterpiece known.

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Cosplay and rejuvenate your skin at the same time with new Sadako vs Kayako face masks

Face off with two of the horror world’s most terrifying characters as they make you look both shocking and beautiful at the very same time.

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Homemade seaweed & milk face packs—the secret to healthier skin?【Video】

Whip up a homemade face pack with this Korean recipe that only requires two common ingredients you’ll find in many Asian kitchens: seaweed and milk.

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Young woman saves time, does her best Friday the 13th impression on the subway 【Video】

In Japan, it is still considered “rude” to do things like talk on the phone or apply makeup on the train. Although the latter is becoming far more common as people come to realise that a girl touching up her war-paint in public is hardly the most scandalous act one can engage in, there are still many, mostly of the older generation, who believe that it should not be done in shared spaces and to be so openly “vain” is simply shameful.

We wonder, then, what the average older Japanese citizen would think if they saw a commuter like the young lady in the following video, who has thrown caution to the wind and slaps on a cleansing face mask during her travels.

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