How drunk can Awamori Jelly infused with liquor from Okinawa make us?

When in Okinawa, drink (or eat!) awamori!

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Suntory to release new Yamazaki smoke-barrel aged plum liqueur in limited quantities

The perfect drink for fans of both peaty whisky and ume-shu!

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Sake and Japanese convenience store ice cream go great together, but there’s an even better combo

Elevate your summer with a deliciously cold, boozy dessert!

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Enjoy the taste of fire-roasted sweet potatoes in a bottle with new “You Yaki-imo” liquor

A Japanese fall favorite in alcohol form!

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This Valentine’s Day, wow your special someone with boozy samurai warlord chocolates!

They’re tasty, pretty, educational, AND contain liquor, so they’re guaranteed to please!

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Discovering the Best Strawberry Shortcake in Japan

Japanese strawberry shortcake is different from the kind usually eaten in the United States in that it’s more like an angel food cake with whipped cream icing and sliced strawberries. Amongst Japanese people, strawberry shortcakes are considered a classic dessert. In Sugamo, Tokyo, is a bakery where it is said that the finest shortcakes in Japan are produced. The French Pound House Bakery is found in a quiet residential district, only a five minute walk from JR Sugamo train station.

Because they have received a lot of media exposure, their strawberry shortcake is still their top selling item. Even though they try to keep up with demand, they often run completely out of sponge cake.

For such a good reputation, I felt that it was necessary to find out for myself.

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