We try all five of the chain’s autumn treats before the summer heat has fully faded.

Every autumn, roasted sweet potato trucks cruise the streets of Japan, much to the delight of seasonally minded foodies. Even though they haven’t started appearing just yet, though, a lot of people’s gastronomic clocks start going off when we flip the calendar over to September, and so sweet potato cravings have already arrived.

Luckily for everyone who finds themselves in that predicament, Mister Donut has wasted no time bringing out its annual sweet potato sweets lineup, which went on sale Wednesday. We decided to be equally prompt by heading out to buy (and, more importantly, eat) each and every type of sweet potato donut the chain is offering.

The five-donut lineup is a mix of newcomers and returning favorites, so let’s start things off with the brand-new 150-yen (US$1.11) Satsuma Imo Yaki Mitsu Imo.

Mister Donut’s goal was to make these donuts as soft, moist, and flavorful as a freshly roasted sweet potato. To that end, they’re made with powdered anno imo and beni haruka, two of Japan’s sweetest sweet potato varieties, and a honey-like syrup (mitsu).

The Satsuma Imo Yaki Mitsu Imo goes one step further by even looking the part, with an enticing purple glaze that looks like an unpeeled roasted sweet potato (satsuma imo in Japanese), and a golden brown inside that also looks like its root vegetable inspiration. Flavor-wise, it instantly delivers on the sweet potato promise, with a richly sweet flavor that makes this a must-eat for spud fans.

Next up, the Satsuma Imo Mitsu Imo Brulee (160 yen), a sort of handheld sweet potato creme brulee.

This one is also new for 2022, and it puts on a three-part show of textures with a crispy outer layer, soft cake donut inside, and moist, syrup-soaked center, plus caramelized sugar on top. It’s so delicious we would have happily eaten another right away, if it weren’t for all the other donuts we’d also already bought.

Speaking of which, the three returning Mister Donut sweet potato donuts are the Satsuma Imo Mitsu Imo (140 yen), essentially a simpler version of the Satsuma Imo Yaki Mitsu Imo, just without the glaze…

…the Satsuma Imo Daigaku Imo (140 yen), which adds black sesame seeds, and the Satsumo Imo Sweet Potato (150 yen), which we’ll forgive for its redundant name because of its swirl of sweet potato cream topped with sesame.

Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t have the stomach capacity to eat five donuts in a single sitting like we did, since Mister Donut says its sweet potato lineup will be on sale until late November.

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