Since there’s already a Switch Lite, should we call this the Switch Heavy?

Nintendo sells two different versions of the Switch. In addition to the standard model, there’s also the Switch Lite, a lighter and more compact version that debuted two years after the original’s release.

But what if Nintendo were to take the Switch’s evolution in the opposite direction, and release an extra-large version? And when we say “extra,” we mean extra.

Then we’d probably end up with something like this.

No, that’s not the long-rumored high-spec Switch that Nintendo loyalists wish the company would make in order to take on soon-to-launch next-gen hardware from rivals Sony and Microsoft. Instead, it’s an amazing do-it-yourself project by the friend of Japanese Twitter user @BiwakoLover.

While the aesthetic is video game-inspired, this was actually a woodworking project, not a technological one. What looks like a gigantic Switch is actually a wall-mounted TV flanked by a pair of custom-made cabinets, shaped and painted so that the compete setup looks just like the main Switch unit with attached Joy-Con controllers. That’s not to say it’s not interactive, though, as the “Joy-Cons” swing open to reveal shelves for the Switch dock and controllers!

What makes the illusion especially convincing is that the dimensions of the Switch screen are the same as a standard television. Since the system lets users play games in either handheld mode or hooked up to a TV, the same visuals need to be displayed either way, and so Nintendo designed the Switch’s screen to be proportionally identical to a TV.

“My friend’s do-it-yourself project is amazing, so everyone let him know what a great job he did,” tweets @BiwakoLover, and admirers were happy to oblige, with some also offering a few suggestions of their own.

“This is incredible!”
“I’d be so tempted to try to pick it up and hold it in my hands.”
“Just showed this to my son. He’s so jealous!”
“So kewwwwl!”
“What if you added some tall, narrow speakers in the space between the screen and ‘controllers?’”

One concerned commenter also pointed out that when actually playing the Switch in docked mode, it might be a good idea to leave the blue cabinet door open, in order to make sure there’s enough air so the system doesn’t overheat. Overall, though, this is an incredibly cool interior addition, and also a nice reminder to remember to periodically switch your Switch on, for the sake of the system’s health.

Source, images: Twitter/@BiwakoLover
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