No standard error message as Nintendo unleashes its latest cute creation: Nin-Godzilla

When the My Nintendo Store opened on the 23rd of January, to allow orders of the new Switch console (due to be released in Japan on the 3rd of March), it soon crashed due to heavy user traffic, leaving agonised fans unable to access the store. By the afternoon, the store was still inaccessible but, instead of just the default error message, visitors to the site reported seeing an image of an oh-so-cute Godzilla-like monster caught mid-rampage in the city of Kyoto, where Nintendo are based. The image was quickly christened Nin-Godzilla by Internet users.

Last year saw the hugely successful release in Japan of the latest Godzilla incarnation, Shin Godzilla. In making the film, director Hideaki Anno said he wanted to reinvent the classic black-and-white era Godzilla for a new generation. The similarity between Shin Godzilla and Nintendo’s error screen offering “Nin-Godzilla” captured the attention of Japanese Internet users. Fans, denied the chance to pre-order the new Switch console, decided to express their newly formed love for cute new kaiju, and it wasn’t long before it was being used in animations, moving or blasting Kyoto with fire.

▼Others have gone so far as to make their own Nin-Godzilla items, such as this cute hand towel.

While the site is, at time of writing, now functioning properly, I hope we’ll be seeing more of Nin-zilla and its adorable rampage of destruction again.

Source, top image: My Nintendo Store
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