Goodbye, bright colors. Goodbye, glitter. Goodbye, affordable accessories.

Over the past few years, Tokyo has seen the closing of some pretty big western brands in the metropolis, Forever 21 being one of them. Another big chain is none other than Claire’s Nippon, a junction of America’s Claire’s Stores and Japanese company Aeon.

They closed the last of their Tokyo stores at the end of October, and just like we raided Forever 21’s closing sale, our Japanese language reporter and diehard Claire’s fan Ikuna Kamezawa decided to take advantage of the great deals.

Ikuna visited the Claire’s located on iconic Takeshita Street in Harajuku, right where the bright colors, glitter, and fuzzy accessories characteristic of the accessory brand fit in.

She managed to get to the store four days before they closed their doors permanently. It was strangely empty, but that could be because Ikuna went shopping during a weekday.

Closing deals brought in a lot of customers until there were only relatively few items left, and some of them were basically being given out for free. Seven items for 1,000 yen (US$9.58)? What a steal!

To be fair, a lot of the items left weren’t exactly things that Ikuna would choose for herself now, but hey, it’s a closing sale! There would never be a chance to buy these things again. So she decided to go a little crazy, even cherishing the plastic bag with the Claire’s logo as a collector’s item.

She picked out seven items for her Claire’s haul. She picked up an eye mask, a mouse hat, a ring, some glasses, some chokers, fuzzy earrings, a shiny hairbrush, and bright yellow hair ties. Hello, preteen dream.

But how did she match all of them? Easy – she put them all on at the same time, except for the mouse hat. Instant princess.

The mouse hat ended up on her coworker’s head. He looks thrilled.

Halloween goods were proudly displayed out front as well, giving shoppers their final chance to snatch up some cheap Halloween party accessories (because, as we know, Japanese Halloween was a hit once again this year).

And, though blurred out for privacy reasons, Ikuna also snapped a photo of the message cards that fans and shoppers lovingly wrote for the store.

And Ikuna would be lying if she said she didn’t choke up a bit at reading the “See you again!” bit on the store’s closing sale signs.

Though Claire’s will no longer be in Japan, it’s still waiting for Japanese shoppers in other countries around the world.

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