The Hollywood movie stars dish the dirt on their relationship and reveal why Chris has a thing for Japanese TV presenter Koji Kato.

While our Japanese-language team slogs it out at the office, reporter P.K. Sanjun has been hobnobbing with Hollywood stars, and the most recent celebrities he’s spent time with are Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

P.K. was particularly excited about this encounter, as there’s been a lot of a buzz about Pratt in Japan after he and Howard appeared on Nippon Television’s morning news programme Sukkiri last month. During the show, the stars played a game of table tennis with the Japanese presenters, one of whom was Koji Kato, who voiced the character of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy for the Japanese dub of the film.

On a previous trip to Japan to promote Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt missed out on meeting the Japanese voice of Rocket, and expressed his disappointment by shouting out, “Koji!!! Why??!!” on national TV. The Hollywood star’s fondness for Kato earned him a place in Japanese viewer’s hearts, so P.K. was especially keen to find out more about their endearing relationship as he interviewed the Hollywood stars.

P.K.: I am honoured to meet you. Today I wore a “Guardians of the Galaxy” T-shirt just for you!

Pratt: “Oh, that’s cool!”

Howard (to Pratt)“Hey, when does shooting start for the next Guardians?”

This set off a quiet conversation between the two actors, which P.K. struggled to understand before he looked at his allotted time quickly ticking by and decided he had to interrupt them.

P.K.: Um, we don’t have a lot of time so do you mind if we continue?

Pratt: “Oh, I’m sorry. Okay!”


P.K.: So let me start. I just saw your film and I think it’s great! The relationship between Owen and Claire is different from the last film (2015’s Jurassic World), so I was wondering: What are your impressions of each other’s characters? 

Pratt: “Well, if I had to say one thing about Claire, it’d be that she’s the worst woman to be around ever!” 


Pratt: “But really, although I like to joke that Owen thinks she’s annoying, she’s actually the best partner for him to have in such a harsh environment. They get along well but it’s like one of them is always fighting to be the leader. Despite their bickering, they’re the best partners for each other and that’s something that hasn’t changed in this movie.”

P.K.: I see. What’s it like from Claire’s viewpoint?  

Howard“Well, Owen’s a really charming guy so he can get away with saying anything, but more than anything, he’s a really dependable character. He’s constantly making the right choices and he’s good in crisis situations. He’s the type of person who would come and save you if you were drowning at sea.”

P.K.: Yeah, that dependability really came across throughout the film.  

Howard: “Yes – also Claire’s a bit too serious, even for me. Owen’s good at making her laugh and helping her realise that you don’t have to take life too seriously.”

P.K.: I see. I don’t want to give away what happens in this film, but for the next film would you like to see Owen and Claire get together or go separate ways?

Pratt: “Actually there was a lot of discussion about what type of relationship they would have for this film, with us giving our input as well. Their relationship is different in the first and second films, so we don’t know what will happen in the next one, but I’m hoping Owen gets to go out with Claire, even though she’s so annoying!”

Howard: “Hahahahahaha! Yeah, we really have no idea what will happen in the next one, but surely the two of them will always be connected somehow.”

P.K.: You’re right – I really think the characters are made for each other! Now, excuse me while I direct some questions to Chris for a second…Chris, did you know that there’s quite a buzz surrounding you online in Japan at the moment? 

Pratt: “What? Really? No, I didn’t know that.”

P.K.: It’s true – There’s a video of you going around at the moment from your appearance on the TV show Sukkiri, where you called out “Koji! Koji!”, that’s made you one of the hottest Hollywood stars online in Japan right now.

Pratt: “Oh! Koji!!”

P.K.: Everyone’s saying your reaction to Koji on TV was the best, so would you mind telling me what it is about Koji that you love so much? 

Pratt: “Okay! Actually, I went on Sukkiri again yesterday but ended up losing to Koji at table tennis on the show. I’m impossible to beat at table tennis, so I can’t understand it – Koji must’ve cheated somehow!” (Laughs)

Howard: “Hahahahahaha!”

Pratt: “But he did the voice for Rocket in the Japanese dub of Guardians of the Galaxy so he’s a fellow Guardians colleague. His performance and vocal work in the film was really outstanding, and he’s fantastic as a newscaster and comedian as well. It’s strange how I remember feeling an affinity with Koji from the beginning, even though he did cheat at table tennis!” (Laughs)

P.K.: I understand! Well, I look forward to seeing more of your interactions together on your next visit to Japan! 

Pratt: “Okay! But in order for that to happen, you’ll have to call Koji for me.” (Laughs)

P.K.: Finally, Bryce – this is the first time I’ve seen a Hollywood actress laugh so much. I thought you’d be a bit of a serious, haughty celebrity but your personality is the best!”

Pratt: “Bryce is the best! But Claire’s the worst!” 

Howard: “Hahahahahaha!”

And then, ten minutes after starting the interview, P.K.’s time with the stars was sadly over. P.K. had interviewed a large number of well-known movie stars and even Howard’s father, director Ron Howard, before, but these two seemed even more friendly and approachable than most.

Just as he was picking up his things to leave the room, Pratt surprised P.K. by saying, “Should we take a photo together?” P.K. had always avoided asking for photos with the stars in case he came across as rude or unprofessional, so he was thrilled to take up this opportunity.

▼ Pratt suggested P.K. take a selfie, so he followed the star’s advice.

And with that, Pratt and Howard had won themselves another fan for life, this time in our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun. No matter who he interviews next in Tokyo, P.K. will never forget the time he poked his tongue out like a dinosaur with two of Jurassic World‘s hottest Hollywood stars.

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