Proof that in Japan, Pokémon show up in unlikely places. 

When Pokémon fans look for fukubukuro, or lucky bags sold at the end and beginning of the year, they know to head to Mister Donut for Pocket Monster themed goods and the Pokémon Centre for one of the rarest and most hard-to-get bags in the country.

However, there’s an even rarer fukubukuro packed with Pokémon surprises that many fans don’t know about. In fact, our reporter Ikuna Kamezawa didn’t know of its existence until she stumbled upon it accidentally at her nearest branch of Aoki, a famous chain known for selling suits.

As you might expect, this formalwear store was one of the last places where Ikuna had expected to find Pokémon, yet when she perused the lucky bags out front, she saw that popular fukubukuro containing socks and trousers had already sold out, and what was left was the Pikachu Lucky Bag and Pompompurin Lucky Bag.

Ikuna had no idea that Aoki sold Pikachu and Pompompurin related products, and as an ardent Pikachu fan she wasted no time in paying 4,400 yen (US$30.42) for the Ladies Pikachu Set Fukubukuro.  

Skipping home in delight at her rare find, she was even more delighted when she opened the bag and saw its contents.

▼ First up was a Pikachu Roomwear Set (“roomwear” is the Japanese term for loungewear)

And then there was another Pikachu Roomwear Set, with a cosy fleece material that made them look and feel like pyjamas.

The bag was said to contain five items, with the bag itself being counted as the fifth and final item.

This was an incredibly good deal, with each item working out to be 880 yen each, which is crazy cheap for anything related to Pokémon. 

The first set was stylish and made with good quality material — the top was fleece-lined and cosy, and though the set was designed for lounging around in, Ikuna could see herself wearing this outfit to the corner store.

▼ The other set was super soft to touch and super soft to wear.

These are now Ikuna’s go-to winter pyjamas — not only are they cute, they keep her incredibly warm throughout the night.

Ikuna reckons the roomwear set and these PJs will last her around ten years, making this lucky bag incredible value for money.

So next time you’re in Japan around New Year and looking for some cute Pokémon clothes to lounge around in, be sure to stop by Aoki to see what they have in store.

It just goes to show that it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for Pokémon whenever you’re in Japan — you never know where they might show up!

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