Yuriyana Grande dances in her bedroom, the kitchen, and…the White House?

It was a sad day last year when Ariana Grande got “Japanese BBQ grill” tattooed on her finger, and even sadder when she made it worse by trying to fix it before announcing that she was giving up on her Japanese studies.

While Ariana’s love for Japan may have waned after the incident, the love for Ariana is still strong in Japan, where a comedian called Yuriyan Retriever is currently making waves for being the “Japanese Ariana Grande”.

The 29-year-old Japanese comedian, who appeared on season 14 of America’s Got Talent, is calling herself “Yuriyana Grande” for her latest outing, strutting her stuff in a parody clip for the pop star’s hit single, “Positions“.

▼ Take a look at Yuriyana Grande’s stellar performance here.

The clip above, uploaded to Universal Music Japan’s YouTube account, shows Yuriyana expertly replicating Ariana’s scenes from the official music video. The lighting, moves, and lip-synching are all spot-on, although Yuriyan Retriever’s comedic self can’t be suppressed as she dances alone in an apartment during the White House scenes.

▼ Yuriyan Retriever is best known for her funny dancing, after all.

▼ Compare Ariana and Yuriyana with the side-by-side version below.

The parody video is being used by Universal as a promo for the Japanese release of Grande’s album, Positions. And as a treat for Japanese fans, Yuriyana also answered questions as the pop star for another video, even speaking English with an American accent.

One of the highlights from the clip above is when she answers the question, “What are the common points between Ariana and Yuriyan?” with:

“Human and woman and we have cellphone…and we can connect Internet. [sic] We eat lunch. We read books and we sleep in the night every single night. It’s same. [sic] And similar. And same.”

Well, she’s not wrong about that! Yuriyan certainly knows how to mimic the pop star, and with this being the second time she’s sung and danced to one of Ariana’s songs–previously wowing everyone with her performance alongside “Japanese Beyonce” Naomi Watanabe for the “Rain On Me” parody video–we can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

Source, images: YouTube/NAOMI CLUB
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