Some say this version is even better than the original.

Naomi Watanabe is a Japanese comedian whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, leading her to become a fashion icon, a down-to-earth beauty guru, a guest on Netflix’s Queer Eye, and a dancing, miming stage sensation who earned the nickname “Japanese Beyonce” after performing impressive parodies of the American singer’s hits.

Now Watanabe is back with a new parody performance, and this time the 32-year-old has stepped into the bright pink figure-hugging leotards of Lady Gaga for a tribute to the singer’s “Rain On Me” music video. Joining Lady Gaga in the official video is pop star Ariana Grande, and playing her in this clip is 29-year-old Japanese comedian Yuriyan Retriever, who you might remember from season 14 of America’s Got Talent.

▼ Take a look at the video below.

The video is more mind-blowing than laugh-out-loud funny, with costumes, effects and performances so professional they’re actually on par with the original video. Watching the two videos side-by-side shows the impressive level of detail that went into faithfully recreating each scene.

▼ Check out the original music video below.

So many moments from the original video are perfectly replicated in Watanabe’s version, including the opening shots of Lady Gaga lying on the ground in her pink leotard…

▼ And the iconic hair-flowing-in-the-wind scene.

One of the hilarious differences in Watanabe’s version, however, is the fact that she has a Japanese dango candy stick stuck in her leg instead of the knife seen in Lady Gaga’s thigh. Watanabe pulls the sweet out of her leg and stuffs it into her mouth mid-lyric.

And instead of dancing in front of western skyscrapers, Watanabe and Yuriyan Retriever dance in front of a Japanese landscape that makes it look as if they’re performing at Shibuya’s world-famous scramble crossing. 

And speaking of Yuriyan Retriever, let’s all take a moment to admire her brilliant performance as Arianna Grande.

The parody video has been trending on YouTube since it was uploaded on 25 July, with people from around the world heaping comments of praise and admiration on the duo for their impressive performances.

If this video has left you hungry for more Naomi Watanabe news, you might want to take a look at her channeling Lady Gaga in this avant-garde photo shoot or enjoy the livestreams she shares on YouTube, where she’s been known to do a little happy dance to the tune of the rice cooker jingle.

Source, images: YouTube/NAOMI CLUB
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