Ring in the new year with papercraft tuna and plate of nigiri sushi from Sushi Zanmai

Despite the fact that we’re entering the Year of the Ox, might as well start off with some fish.

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Pileup on sushi conveyor belt causes chaos for diners at restaurant chain in Japan

Derailment at a sushi restaurant leaves everyone confused.

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Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain makes sushi with the help of artificial intelligence

At least when the machines take over there’ll be good sushi to eat.

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“I can’t believe I ate this!” American kids try nigiri sushi for the first time 【Video】

Believe it or not, sushi has been available in the US since the 1960s. In fact, the first American sushi restaurant opened in 1966 in Los Angeles. But while sushi is booming now, it took some time to really take off in the States and still isn’t necessarily a family-friendly dining option, with many kids (and adults) not so keen on eating the raw fish delicacy.

REACT, a light-hearted YouTube channel featuring kids, teens, and older adults reacting to a variety of things, recently released Kids vs. Food – SUSHI, a video showing a few American kids trying some popular nigiri sushi and some of these Japanese favorites didn’t all sit well with the kiddos.

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