A very special train to carry fans to Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World.

Super Mario’s adventures take him to a lot of fantastic realms, and he’s ridden all sorts of conveyances through them, from hyper-speed go-karts to saddled dinosaurs. But when getting around real-world Japan, the best option is the train, so that’s how the Nintendo mascot is getting around Osaka these days.

On Wednesday West Japan Railway Company (also known as JR west) started service of its Super Nintendo World train, which features super cool artwork of Mario and his friends and foes. Naturally the star himself is represented, as are brother Luigi, Princess Peach, nemesis Bowser, and enemies such as Piranha Plants, Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bills, and Lakitu.

The train will, appropriately, run on the Osaka Loop and Sakurajima Lines, since the Sakurajima Line is where you’ll find Universal City Station, the closest stop to Universal Studios Japan. The theme park was supposed to be holding the grand opening for its Super Nintendo World expansion this month, but that long-awaited event has been delayed due to the government-declared state of emergency regarding growing coronavirus infection numbers.

JR West had obviously intended for its Super Mario train to start running at the same time as the USJ expansion’s opening, but has decided to go ahead with it anyway. “We have come to this decision in the hope of giving everyone something to smile about as we look forward to Super Nintendo World’s opening” said the rail operator in announcing the train.


The Super Mario train is technically a limited-time promotion, but JR West is adopting a flexible schedule, saying that it will be in service “for the time being,” since it’s currently unknown when Super Nintendo World will open. In the meantime, though, it’s nice to have some large-scale, high-speed Nintendo art to brighten our day, even if looking at it just makes us want to eat Universal Studios Japan’s edible Koopa Troopa shells even more.

Source: PR Times via Kyoto Shimbun
Images: PR Times
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