No one loves his job more than this happy guy!

It’s easy to believe that we here at SoraNews24 have the greatest jobs in the world. After all, when people ask “What do you do for work?” there’s nothing more satisfying than to be able to answer that we tame our nipples for a living. And while it’s true that you’d be hard-pressed to find a better job than ours (just in case our boss is reading this, it is in fact the absolute greatest job in the world), there are days, like most people, when we’d much rather spend a morning chilling in bed with a coffee.

Which is why we can’t help but feel inspired when we see this video captured by Twitter user @Flamingo_310, who goes by the handle ‘TRIGGER’. In the video, a security guard is seen enthusiastically waving cars in and out of the parking lot with an impressive level of gusto.

“What an amazing security guard.”

The guard skilfully directs traffic out of the car park, greeting drivers cheerfully as they leave. While most security guards are content to just wave you out with a hand, this guard is literally leaping all over the place, with a kind of energy not seen in most employees, regardless of what profession they are in.

The video is currently sitting at over two million views. Twitter felt inspired by the guard’s energetic approach to his work, particularly as security guards have to stand around for hours on end in all kinds of weather conditions, often without so much as a hint of a ‘thank you’ from customers.

“It’s so nice to see people really enjoying their work, isn’t it?”
“Bet he used to work for Disney or something.”
“What an amazing security guard. Drivers will definitely be more careful to avoid accidents on the road if guided out by this guy, and he’s giving everyone happiness and energy.”
“I’m not so sure… while his attitude to work is definitely amazing, if his boss suddenly thinks this is the ‘normal’ way to work it’s gonna be tough for everyone else who isn’t working like this!”
“I wouldn’t mind waiting to be let out of a parking lot if I saw this guy guiding me.”
“This kind of energetic movement is easy for both drivers and pedestrians to see, so it’s actually really helpful.”
“This guy thinks like a pro! If someone asked him what his job was, he wouldn’t say ‘security guard’, he’d say ‘to protect the safety and security of our customers.'”

In the end, TRIGGER summed up the security guard’s positive attitude with this tweet —

“The next time you see a security guard, not only this guy but any security guard, be sure to say ‘otsukare-sama’ (thanks for working hard). Let’s show our appreciation for all security guards!”

So let’s follow TRIGGER’s words; next time you see a security guard working hard, be sure to give them a cheerful ‘otsukare-sama!’ as you pass them by. You might just make their day, just as the security guard in TRIGGER’s video made ours.

Source, images: Twitter@Flamingo_310
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